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Facebook Ads & Instagram Ads

When done right, advertising on Facebook and Instagram is highly effective marketing. Important factors here are correctly set parameters, the right target group, appealing advertisements in a variety of formats and optimization strictly according to KPIs.

Facebook and Instagram Ads work differently than "normal" advertising on the web or in the real world. Unlike Google, the Facebook AI knows very well who its users are and how they behave beyond the confines of Facebook and Instagram. With targeted campaigns, we take advantage of this for highly effective advertising.

Meta ads reaching quota

When Social Media Ads?

Every potential customer is at a certain point in the purchasing decision-making process. Instead of a linear customer journey, we look at the touchpoints between you and your customers. In the case of meta ads, the contact points, in contrast to the Google Ads not triggered directly by customers. The user is shown an ad and the algorithm tests whether he reacts and whether the ad works. If this is the case, the ad will be shown to users who behave in a similar way.

That's why Facebook and Instagram Ads don't work immediately and directly like e.g Google Ads. They evolve and often engage users before they even have a conscious interest in your products.

Meta's algorithm is extremely good, target groups willing to buy
to find and address. That's why the ads usually start
at this point: You create attention where you want it
often don't even know.
Example: diaper advertising immediately after birth. 

purchase decision
The purchase decision is getting closer. All
our campaigns are always on the
Purchase aligned to make the ad accurate
will be shown when the time comes. 

always addressed more specifically, as soon as
he once interested in your products
has shown. 

Customer bought? Welcome to
next sale. With sophisticated
Remarketing and Look-Alike Audiences
we can provide your customers with further
make products happy.

Meta Ads Scrum meeting

Why an agency?

"Let's sponsor this organic post for two weeks and see if Facebook works"  One way or another, we've heard it before. Unfortunately, that's not the only way it works with the 95% and a great opportunity for effective advertising is left to the competition.

The basic principle with meta ads is always Test, test, test. But if you don't know what to test for and how the system works, you'll quickly get lost. Many years of experience with target group sizes or the complex setup of a multi-stage campaign including sensible remarketing helps immensely to achieve success with meta ads.

Why to us?

Because we show you transparently why your ads could work on Facebook and Instagram or should be optimized. Then we create effective creatives for you (images with advertising text in various formats), which we aim at exactly the right target group and play out in a sales-oriented manner. 

If you wish, we can be super transparent and go through all the settings with you. If you wish, we can also train you or your team to later design and optimize parts of the ads yourself.

In contrast to pure meta specialists, we also have the other channels like that SEO or Google Ads in view. Depending on which channel delivers the best results, we can control the ads. 

business meeting

Separate services

With meta onboarding, we create the conditions for professional advertising on Facebook & Instagram. The accounts and payment data are created in your name or your company, we then intervene as an agency.
Set up targeted campaigns and ads on Facebook & Instagram in various formats.
With Facebook Lead Ads, lead forms are made available directly on Facebook or Instagram and can be edited via a lead center or delivered by email.
The meta ads optimization includes the regular review and optimization of the meta campaigns including a detailed evaluation.
Meta Ads complete offer including advertising budgets Setup and optimization of targeted Meta Ads on Facebook & Instagram via a Heinrich Marketing Account.
We create organic posts and stories on Facebook and Instagram to increase brand awareness of the company.
How do we work as a meta ads agency in Munich
Strategy & Consulting

Meet for the first time. No matter what it is about, this is how a cooperation with us begins. We want to know everything about you, your company, your services or products and what could be important for advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

It's just as important to us that you know where you stand with us. We would be happy to show you live what is wrong with your Facebook advertising account and what specific improvements we would make if we were you.

  • Detailed initial discussion with insights from our everyday life.
  • Concrete Meta Ads offer after discussion.
  • Optimization in your meta account - all data and campaigns are yours

Since you own the Meta Ads account, we need to use it for the get advertising started and tune in to it. There is no channel where this is more difficult than Facebook and Instagram.

With joint live or video meetings and detailed instructions, we create an independent basis for you. Once we have access to all the necessary tools, let's get started.

We take care of linking the respective tracking codes and set up pixels, conversion API and events. Then we record all meaningful conversions and integrate them into the advertisements.

Ads Creation - Creatives

In contrast to the Google text ads, the creation of the creatives (image ads with advertising texts) is the most time-consuming part. The effectiveness of an ad depends in large part on whether the ads are visually appealing.

The goal is always to provide the algorithm with the right selection of variations for the budget so that it can select the ones that work best. We create the creatives (also called artworks) in different sizes and variations so that we can start testing right away.

Ongoing optimization process

Regular optimization

The meta campaigns are created by us in one ongoing optimization process further developed and optimized.

We check the respective performance and optimize ads, ad sets and campaigns with a variety of adjustment screws.

review and feedback

We review all measures at reasonable intervals and see whether the meta ads have a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

If necessary, we go through the results together and develop new ideas. The focus is not only on the ads, but on your entire company within the user journey. 

Ads Re-Creation

As soon as we have meaningful results about the success of individual components and creatives, we develop them further and start a new round. 

It often happens that the resounding success comes only after enough "practice time" of the algorithm and extensive experience with the effectiveness of the artworks. Stay tuned is the motto.

Our meta ads Customers

Over 5 years of experience

Over ‚ā¨500,000 optimized budget

Over 25 optimized accounts

Extensive industry experience


Call now!

Are you interested in principle and would like to talk about your project? Do you have questions as to whether we are the right contact for you? Call me and ask your questions! I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. You can find more information on the contact page.

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I am here for you.
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Details & Answers.

Many details, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What is meta? How does the system work?

Facebook changed its name a while ago and the parent company is now called Meta. Facebook is now Facebook again and not incredibly much more. Instagram stays the way it is.

Basically, you have to see Facebook and Instagram as one platform, each providing many ad formats. In contrast to Google Ads the meta ads are (almost) not played out based on search, but passively according to target group characteristics and interactions.

Isn't Facebook out?

Oh yes, Facebook is out and no longer has the appeal it used to have. Nevertheless, we get incredibly good results with Facebook and Instagram Ads. Sometimes more with Instagram, sometimes with Facebook, we consciously let the algorithm decide. 

Because with no other digital advertising channel can you target the ads so precisely to the target group as with Facebook or Instagram. With Facebook Ads, you can use many factors to select who you want the ads to reach. And then we give the algorithm a chance to find the right buyer segments. 

How do I know if my account is poorly optimized?

Take a close look at the ads, ad sets and campaigns in Ads Manager. You will find the target group addressed in the ad set (ad group). How big is this? 34 million? Probably a bit too big for the beginning or the algorithm takes too long to find suitable buyers at the beginning. 1,000 people or even smaller? Then the ad is probably finished after 3 days and everyone has seen it several times. 

Another feature is the frequency: if you look at the frequency column, you can see how often the ad has already been viewed on average. If this is 1, the algorithm has not yet gained much experience, and the target group may be too large. But we have also experienced values above 35. Ie the ad was 35 on average! times seen. ... it can only be annoying and probably reverses the purpose. The target group is too small or the creatives were never exchanged. 

Landing page offline? Also experienced that the landing pages for the ads are offline or not working. The entire budget wasted.

The list is pretty much endless. Here, too, a call with us could be useful. We tap your Meta Ads account for opportunities for improvement. 

What do you often do wrong as a layman?

We experience it again and again when we take over Facebook accounts: The strategy, orientation and implementation actually make success impossible. Sometimes you get lucky, but it rarely works in the long run.

How often have we seen campaigns being ‚Äúadvertised‚ÄĚ with an organic posting for 14 days. The algorithm didn't even have the slightest chance of finding the right people for the respective offer.

The time limitation of the advertisement proves to be problematic, the advertisements cannot develop and test their potential at all. The secret of optimization is not in the time limit, but in the limit for the conversions. If the algorithm cannot meet the limit ‚Äď e.g. the costs per lead ‚Äď it switches itself off automatically.¬†

However, this makes Facebook Ads a long haul. Short-term campaigns of a few weeks can work by accident. But campaigns only achieve real impact through AI-based learning, which is continuously analyzed and improved.

What success factors do we have?

Our success factors for functioning Facebook and Instagram ads are a clear ads structure, cost limitation, regular testing and the clear setting of success measurement through KPIs.

The secret of successful social media advertising in these networks is to give the algorithm clear guidelines and goals and to give it enough material for continuous optimization. The goal is always: learn who buys what when and let the algorithm learn continuously.

But the ads are not always automatically successful. Many factors, such as sensible pricing or attractive services, have to be right in advance. Your product must be wanted by the market!

Are meta ads worth it?

This calculation is not easy, but it can be answered nonetheless. For all ads ‚Äď both for Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram and everyone else, what matters is the total cost of the acquisition. In the case of meta ads, that would be pure ads expenditure plus agency investment.¬†

This is contrasted not only with the direct turnover, but also with the so-called lifetime value of the customer. So how much he earns you on average over his entire customer life.

Example: If my child is doing pretty badly at school, but I want a good degree, I have been a customer of a tutoring service for a very long time. The tutoring company could have found me via meta ads, e.g. on Instagram, and I or my child would have been a ‚Äúcustomer‚ÄĚ for 7 years (this will be a busy time). The child would need tuition 25 times a year, one hour costs 50 euros. That would be a lifetime value of 8,750 euros within 7 years.¬†

If you now apply the rule of thumb with 10% of sales as advertising costs, the customer should cost 875 euros (But then there may only be very bad students with very ambitious parents). Since we actually have experience in the field of tutoring, the costs per qualified lead are less than 25 euros. If sales do a good job, marginal costs are definitely reached. 

So it's never about the actual amount of your budget, it's always about whether the ads are worthwhile in terms of results such as leads or sales. 

What post formats do we use?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to say in general which formats work best, but only to test them.

How do we optimize?

For Facebook and Instagram Ads, it's best to think algorithmically. We have to consistently feed the powerful algorithm to make it more and more successful. One of our magic words is cost limitation or cost cap. This not only ensures that we don't spend more than planned, but forces the platforms to be result-oriented or not.

To improve the performance of your ads, the algorithm needs time or high budget. And then you have to test, test, test. This means that we try and measure different variations of the ads that deliver the best results. This testing may involve tailoring the ads to different audiences, different ad formats, or using different advertising techniques.


If it doesn't work, you're dissatisfied or the ads just don't work, you can always cancel with us at the end of each month or pause the optimization. 

This means that even if you realize on the 31st of a month that you no longer want to, it will still be over on the 1st of the following month. It's our risk, but why get stuck in something that doesn't work anymore. In this case, email is sufficient. 

It is important that you keep all your meta accounts, the ads are yours. That's why we connect to your account with our agency account. 


The Meta Ads prices are divided into a one-time part, such as onboarding or creative creation, and a monthly part for optimization. 

Even if you can cancel monthly, we recommend that we test and optimize Meta Ads for at least 3 months. Only then can we make qualitative statements about the effectiveness (unless you invest larger budgets, then it works much faster).

Prices start at around 750 euros net for that onboarding and 500 euros net for the first creation of the creatives and texts. One monthly optimization starts at 450 euros net, depending on the complexity of the advertisements and objectives.

Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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