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What is the goal of SEO? Being found on the internet, one would answer. With our professional SEO strategy, you won't just be found for anything, but for the right keywords. The keywords that we want to bring to the forefront for you have four things in common: they are transactional and they generate sales. You have search volume. They are relevant and have value. They are strategically buildable and achievable in the medium term.

We offer you comprehensive SEO, with the topics of content, on-page and backlinks being the core topics. We are happy to take over the complete implementation for you or we can take you and your team on board and implement the SEO strategy together.

SEO content

Quality content creation that beats your SEO competition. From interesting texts that your customers will love to layouts, we create everything related to relevant SEO content.


Perfect metas, links and optimal structure with our on-page optimization. We take care of all technical optimizations under the hood.


Optimal backlinking from high-quality external websites as well as consistent internal linking.

Why SEO?

First of all very simple: Why constantly pay money for clicks (Google Ads) or no clicks because you are listed from page 2? The continuous development of rankings is actually always worthwhile. You create values here that bring clicks and sales for a long time. Above all, you can address potential customers at many stages of the customer journey and get them enthusiastic about your own offer.

Your potential customer is interested
for a topic and would like to get one
Provide overview:
SEO if necessary for information topics.

purchase decision
Your potential customer wants
specifically what you offer.
SEO for transactional keywords like
e.g. "specific product + place + buy" 

Your potential customer is looking for solutions
and wants advice.
SEO for more specific topics
between information & transaction.

your customer or partner
is looking for your company.
SEO for branding keywords
(e.g. your company name)

Why an agency?

There are 1001 SEO guides on the web, that makes all kinds of tricks. And that's how it is, many agencies have SEO in their portfolio, whether they understand something about it or not. 

We once heard in a podcast from a boss of a larger SEO agency that there are around 1,000 agencies that basically offer search engine optimization. But only 250 really deal with the matter in depth and can make SEO success plannable. Of course we hope to be one of the latter ūüėȬ†

Without knowledge and tools, SEO is mostly a guessing game for most people. You add a text here, you write something in the meta information and google yourself to see how the rankings are doing. 

This works to a certain extent, but has little to do with the strategic and long-term development of rankings. Good tools and comprehensive agency knowledge around the 200 optimization factors help here.

Why to us?

Because we understand something of the matter. Because we like to share the knowledge with you. Because we have tools that are among the best on the market. Because we want to build your website with you to beat your SEO competition. And all this at a reasonable price-performance ratio. 

Since we are not just a pure SEO agency, we can comprehensively meet the respective requirements for sustainable search engine optimization. For example, the user experience and the user interface have become extremely important - we can implement SEO in a user-friendly way and integrate texts into the website in such a way that they offer added value and through a attractive design convince. 

We also use synergy effects that result from an improved structure of the individual subpages. So we can eg Google Ads cheaper and more effective because the landing pages get a higher Quality Score.

Finally, we have few secrets that we keep to ourselves. We are happy to share most of the information, tips, tricks and procedures with you. If you wish, we can support you in building a strong in-house SEO team.

team meeting

Separate services

With SEO onboarding, we create the conditions for a meaningful, directly implementable SEO strategy. The on-page analysis reveals technical improvement potential in the areas of Google connection, indexing, metadata, internal links and loading times.
The onpage optimization serves to improve the presentation in search engines, external links and social media.
Implementation of the defined SEO strategy and the editorial plan. Revision and new creation of texts and content on the website.
Backlinks from suitable websites or portals with high authority to your own site.
We install a modern SEO tool on your WordPress instance and set up all the important details for being found on Google.
With access to the searchmetrics suite, unlimited customer projects can be evaluated and customer projects can be optimized in a targeted manner.
How do we work as an SEO agency Munich / Starnberg
Strategy & Consulting

First get to know. This is how every collaboration starts with us. We would like to find out everything about you, your company, your services or products that could be important for search engine optimization.

It's just as important to us that you know where you stand with us. We'd love to show you live how you actually rank on Google in relation to your competition. We are also happy to analyze which SEO optimization level your direct competition has on Google.

  • Detailed initial discussion with SEO insights from our everyday life.
  • Brief analysis of your website or that of the competition¬†(e.g. if you don't have a site yet) with searchmetrics
  • Detailed SEO offer with concrete prices

SEO tool


SEO logo searchmetrics web version

searchmetrics is a premium SEO tool in the Champions League (comparable to FC Bayern in the 2nd division). With this SEO tool we receive such extensive data that we can plan the success of your SEO. For us, it's the holy grail because we get incredibly valuable information in the areas of research, content, on-page and backlinks and can work with it directly.

Why? Don't forget, SEO is a constant competition for positions on Google. If you know exactly what your competition is doing for their SEO success, you can do it better relatively easily and thus have a clear competitive advantage.

This works, for example, with the content editor from searchmetrics, with which we can align the content of a target page with the most relevant keywords and then optimize it live against the strongest competitors in the segment. It almost feels like painting by numbers.

THE search engine optimization process
THE search engine optimization process
We couldn't find a longer word.

The process always starts with a detailed SEO analysis of the current website and topic research. However, our research at this point is much more detailed than the quick SEO analysis that you will receive beforehand. 

The rule of thumb for the SEO structure is: one topic = one subpage / landing page. The topics are thereby primarily on transactional, promising Keywords aligned, such as "SEO Agency Munich Prices". Transactional keywords indicate a buying interest, and they can be identified by location, price, or call-to-action.

With your company and industry information, we develop an SEO editorial plan that takes the so-called "low-hanging fruits" into account first. These can be topics where you are ranked 11th, for example, which means you are on page 2 of the search results (and where's the best place to hide a body? On page two of Google, nobody ever finds it there).

SEO onboarding

The SEO optimization should be well prepared, our onboarding takes care of that. We create your website as a project in searchmetrics, define monitored keywords, direct competition and give you - depending on the contract - access to your data. We also create relevant dashboards for you and link the Google Search Console to receive even more data. 

The search engine optimization then takes place on your website. For WordPress websites, we install a clear SEO tool and make all the initial settings.

With that we are ready for the ongoing SEO process.

OnPage Optimization

As the name suggests, on-page optimization takes place on your website and includes many technical and Google-relevant factors. This includes the meta information that is displayed by Google in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages ‚Äď i.e. in the Google search). We not only optimize these in terms of SEO, but also in such a way that people like to click on them. We improve the internal linking, i.e. the links within your site.¬†

The other part mainly brings errors to light, of which we solve the most important ones. This can include structural duplication or errors, dead links (404) or forwarding chains. It also comes to light here whether the structure of the page is SEO-technically fit and which sub-pages load slowly.

Content Creation & Optimization

The SEO text creation is divided into three processes: Finding specific keywords and topics to be optimized. The creation or optimization of the texts. The integration in a meaningful and attractive design.

In the first two parts, the so-called content briefing from searchmetrics supports us in creating targeted content. Unfortunately, neither the tool nor any AI leads to better texts that people like to read. That's why we then work on the content editorially.

We research what your customers want to know from you and create the content in a structured and easily understandable way. In the end, despite SEO optimization, the result is legible texts that are more relevant and better than those of your competitors. To do this, we determine and optimize the content score, a quality factor for content and its keyword coverage.

backlink building

Backlinks (links from other sites to your business site) remain an important component in developing strong organic rankings. Ultimately, they are even the decisive lever for highly competitive issues in which we want to achieve top positions. In any case, the structure should be organic, i.e. gradually, which is why search engine optimization is an ongoing process.

It is important to place the backlinks in portals or on websites that are in your genre and have a high domain authority. We manage this with regular link building on interesting portals, through press releases and links from interesting websites.


We track and analyze your SEO performance where your users are on the Internet. We keep an eye on rankings, market shares, competitors and growth potential for your company - be it in Munich or worldwide and for many end devices and search engines.

Our monitoring consists of alerts, dashboards and reports. Events with an urgent need for action are automatically sent to us in Munich via email alert. With a variety of dashboards, we always keep an eye on your SEO performance.

However, none of this replaces personal evaluation and analysis. We check the SEO performance at regular intervals and discuss successes and further action together.

Our SEO Customers

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Numerous TOP 10 placements

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Details & Answers.

Many details, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What is the biggest mistake in SEO?

When can results be expected?

Basically, as a reputable SEO agency, we do not promise any rankings within a certain period of time. There are very good tools, a lot of experience with positive developments, but in the end nobody looks into the algorithm and knows exactly what leads to success.

It also depends on the strategy. If you want to rank high for ‚Äúinsurance,‚ÄĚ you'll need to invest heavily in SEO, which is an incredibly competitive topic.

But if you start with the niches and low-hanging fruits and work your way up bit by bit, the first increases usually start after 4 to 6 weeks. Then the main thing is to keep at it. SEO is an ongoing process that should be done steadily.

Fortunately, rankings are not set in stone forever, but change almost constantly. If you stick to it, follow a sensible strategy and stick with it, you will be the winner of the clicks, attention and thus the chances of order in the foreseeable future.

Most SEO texts are terrible.

Yes! And no one lets them through! We've come across examples where even we couldn't spit (try looking for a wedding DJ). The fact that websites stuffed with keywords (keyword stuffing) convert at all has amazed us for decades. 

But it doesn't have to be like that. If you put the SEO keywords in content that is really relevant to the reader, it is usually not even noticeable. Developing these requires a lot of structural work, but it can also be very simple. 

For example, for a location-based service (dentist in Munich Schwabing) on the start page at the bottom you can see a somewhat more detailed description of the area and directions, peppered with a map and handsome Insert outdoor shots. Added value achieved, SEO text housed in a non-pesky way.

What is the SEO value?

The value of search engine optimization can be determined very precisely. You calculate the value of the Google Ads click costs (CPC), which you would have to spend equivalently for the rankings. 

From this follows the traffic value (value of the SEO) that you save with the existing rankings on Google Ads advertising. In the example, the website saves almost 100,000 euros a month in ads costs. So the value is a little under 1.2 million euros per year.

What happens if I want to cancel?

If it doesn't work, you're dissatisfied or the SEO doesn't want to start even after a year, you can always cancel with us at the end of each month or pause the optimization. 

This means that even if you realize on the 31st of a month that you no longer want to, it will still be over on the 1st of the following month. That's our risk, but why get stuck in something that doesn't work anymore. In this case, an e-mail is sufficient. 

Even if you can cancel monthly with us, it makes sense to agree on an SEO cooperation for at least half a year. The process takes time and we may miss opportunities if we exit too early.

How much does SEO optimization cost you?

The prices for our SEO services are based on onboarding and monthly optimization. 

Onboarding starts at around 1,000 euros net, depending on the effort and complexity of the website. 

The monthly optimization by us also starts at around 1,250 euros per month, so that we can implement sensible measures within a short period of time. 

However, if you do not want to use the budget, we also have smaller packages, which, however, require your cooperation. Here we start at 500 euros net per month.

Feel free to contact us, we can always respond to your individual requirements.

Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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