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Google Ads are expensive. Unless you're lucky enough to have a dormant industry, relevant clicks cost a lot of money. As a certified Google Ads agency, we have been making sure that your advertising budget generates sales and leads in the B2B or B2C environment for over 15 years.

Google text ads

Keyword-based text ads on Google. Professionally created and optimized.

shopping ads

Where the customers are looking. Google Shopping Ads in Google Search.

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Detailed analysis

Detailed analysis of your situation and the competition at all levels.


Creating the conditions for the successful placement of Google Ads

Creation / Optimization

Continuous development and optimization of your Google Ads account

When Google Ads?

Every customer is at a specific point in the purchasing decision-making process. The customer journey no longer follows the linear AIDA principle. To make it easier, we use touchpoints, i.e. points where you and your customer meet each other. With Google Ads, the contact point is usually very short: One search, many results, short scan, click on ad or organic search result. he's gone

This process already implies a strategy that we almost always use: be massively present at the touchpoint when your customer is ready to buy, to order or to make a specific inquiry.

Your potential customer is interested
for a topic and would like to get one
Provide overview:
Google Ads = waste of money

purchase decision
Your potential customer wants
specifically what you offer.
Google Ads = Absolutely useful!

Your potential customer is looking for solutions
and wants advice.
Google Ads may make sense

your actual customer
is looking for your company.
Google Ads = waste of money!
(SEO much better.)

Google Ads Scrum meeting

Why an agency?

Unfortunately, Google doesn't make it easy for you. Do you know the difference between keywords and search results? Do you know what a broad keyword can cause? Do you have an eye on the conversions? Do you think Google's recommendations are all useful?

Before an order, we usually see the previously "optimized" campaigns and sometimes shake our hands in front of our heads. Sometimes 30,000 euros are completely wasted.

Why to us?

Because we show you transparently why your ads should be optimized. Because we have a lot of experience with Google Ads and always keep our finger on the pulse.

It is not always just factors related to the Google search. Relevant ads are expensive! The budget must be well invested. Since we are not a pure Google Ads agency, our view is larger. How about the landing pages? What's the look and feel like? How do other advertising measures such as meta ads or the results of the organic search play a part in the user journey? 

When Google Ads accounts are built up over years, there is often great chaos in the structure of the campaigns and ads. This is at the expense of performance. Our first principle is to build a clear and sustainable structure for your Google Ads.

As a Google Ads agency, we are extremely stingy when it comes to your advertising budget. Our goal is the best cost-benefit ratio for your ads budget. We optimize your search engine advertising using clear key figures, such as the Closing Leads. The overall performance of the website, which we use through a comprehensive tracking concept evaluate, can be an optimization goal.

Separate services

With onboarding, we create the conditions for your advertising on Google Ads. Basically, the ads account belongs to you, we only intervene as an agency. However, this procedure requires some help from you, since we do not have all the authorizations.
We create and optimize text ads for your company in the Google Search network (normal Google search) with the aim of maximizing conversions.
With Google Shopping Ads, the products are prominently displayed in Google Product Ads. With these ads, a lot of data is automatically transferred from the shop to Google. Shopping onboarding ensures that all data is connected correctly.
With the Google Lead Ads extension you can generate leads directly in the ad on the Google page. With a selection of question options, you can avoid the detour via the website and directly generate qualified inquiries.
How do we work as a Google Ads Agency Munich
Strategy & Consulting

Meet for the first time. This is how a cooperation with us begins. We would like to learn everything about you, your company, your services or products that could be important for Google Ads optimization.

It's just as important to us that you know where you stand with us. We would be happy to show you live what is wrong with your Google Ads account and what specific improvements we would make if we were you.
  • Detailed initial discussion with insights from our everyday life.
  • Google Ads offer after conversation.
  • You can pause, cancel, or adjust the optimization on a monthly basis.
  • Optimization in your Google Ads account - we switch to it.
Since the Google Ads account always belongs to you, we have to make it fit for Google Ads and switch to it. Since this is sometimes a bit more complex, we support you with the first steps with live or video meetings. Once we have access to all the necessary tools, let's get started.
We take care of the links to the respective Google tools and the correct integration of the tracking. Then we check all recordable conversions in a complex process and activate them for use in Google Ads.
Ongoing optimization process


The Google Ads creation process begins with creating the responsive search ads, finding the right keywords, and setting all the campaign parameters and meaningful ad extensions.

This follows a process with approvals and feedback rounds, so that we always place the ads in your interest.

Regular optimization

The ads campaigns are further developed and optimized by us in an ongoing optimization process.

We improve the ads, keywords and extensions bit by bit. We monitor the ads permanently and react automatically to deviations. 

review and feedback

We review all measures at reasonable intervals and see whether the Google Ads have a reasonable cost-benefit ratio.

If necessary, we go through the results together and develop new ideas. The focus is not only on the ads, but on your entire company within the user journey. 

Our Google Ads Customers

Over 15 years of experience

Over ‚ā¨1 million managed ads budget

Over 200 optimized accounts

Extensive industry experience


Call now!

Are you interested in principle and would like to talk about your project? Do you have questions as to whether we are the right contact for you? Call me and ask your questions! I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. You can find more information on the contact page.

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I am here for you.
Yours Andreas Heinrich

Details & Answers.

Many details, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers.

What budget should I expect?

With Google Ads, budgets are set on a daily basis. For example, a daily budget of 10 euros means about 300 euros spent per month. The costs are incurred when you click on the ad. The question of a reasonable budget depends heavily on the industry. 

Imagine you are a dentist in the middle of Munich. Relevant keywords such as ‚Äúdentist downtown Munich‚ÄĚ can sometimes cost 5 euros per click. With a daily budget of 10 euros, you can roughly expect 2 clicks. With a conversion rate of 10%, you will win the first patient after 5 days. This will then cost you 50 euros.¬†

Are Google Ads worth it?

This calculation is not easy, but it can be answered nonetheless. With all ads - on Google, Facebook, Instagram and all others, it depends on what the acquisition costs you in total. With Google Ads, that would be the pure ads expenses plus agency investment. 

This is contrasted not only with the direct turnover, but also with the so-called lifetime value of the customer. So how much he brings in on average in total.

At a hairdresser, for example, you are a customer for 3 years because you then move away. If you have your friezes cut every month, you'll be there 36 times. With an average price of 50 euros, the average lifetime value is 1,800 euros. 

If you now put the rule of thumb with 10% of sales in the advertising, the customer should cost 180 ‚ā¨. As it turns out, you can best calculate it yourself and thus determine marginal costs for the acquisition.¬†¬†

I want to optimize the ads myself.
Or my team.

Go ahead. Do it. We agencies, too, only cook with water. If you are unsure whether you are doing everything right, book our check-up or Google Ads workshop.

We then go through all the settings, campaigns, ads and keywords together and optimize the most important points together.

If we do this in an online call, we can make a video recording of the optimization. Then you or your team can go through everything again later at your leisure.

Unfortunately, a call does not replace years of experience, but it usually makes sense to leave the optimization with us.

How do you recognize a poorly optimized account?

So don't determine whether the campaign is at 100% Optimization. Google gives "valuable" suggestions and if you disregard them for a while, you will drop in "ranking". Unfortunately, this is not a qualitative statement at all.

We usually recognize the degree of optimization very quickly if we briefly go through the account with sense and reason. Ask if you would click on your own ad. Would you search for the entered keywords yourself?  

Keywords are not search queries. 

Only the search queries were actually performed, the causative keyword can be miles away. Look at the search queries and see if they match the keywords.

Then there are other factors, such as whether all sensible extensions are correct and used. Are all links correct? Does the landing page match the ads? Is there anything you can do there? 

The list is pretty much endless. Here, too, a call with us could be useful. We tap your ads account for opportunities for improvement. 


If it doesn't work, you're dissatisfied or the ads just don't work, you can always cancel with us at the end of each month or pause the optimization. 

This means that even if you realize on the 31st of a month that you no longer want to, it will still be over on the 1st of the following month. It's our risk, but why get stuck in something that doesn't work anymore. In this case, email is sufficient. 

It is important that you keep all your Google accounts, the ads are yours. That's why we connect to your account with our agency account. They can throw us out in one swoop.

Even if you want to try a new agency, do it! On request, we will then ensure that all information is handed over properly.

Prices - What does it cost you?

Our prices are divided into two areas. The onboarding, where we make everything fit for the placement of the Google Ads and the monthly optimization. 

Depending on the preparatory work - sometimes we get very good setups - the onboarding costs from 500 euros net. Depending on the scope, monthly optimization starts at 350 euros net. 

But as so often, it depends on your circumstances. Talk to us about your Google Ads account and we will make you a concrete offer.

Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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I look forward to meeting you. Yours Andreas Heinrich