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We create our websites with the CMS WordPress in connection with the page builder tool Elementor. WordPress is a modern content management system that can be expanded and expanded flexibly and with the requirements of modern Online marketing grows with you It's so simple that you can use it yourself with a little help. At the same time, as a WordPress agency from Munich, we have great freedom of development.

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Can be implemented quickly
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What can a good website?

Every customer is at a specific point in the purchasing decision-making process. The customer journey no longer follows the linear AIDA principle. To make it easier, we use touchpoints, i.e. points like a Ad on Google where you and your customer meet each other. The website is more than just such a contact point. It is the central place where your company's branding radiates. (Almost) every contact point refers to them. The aim of a website is not always just to acquire new customers. It can contribute to customer loyalty and works at all points of the customer journey. In addition, it can impress your partners or competitors or support them in recruiting.

Your potential customer is interested
for a topic and would like to get one
Get an overview: the website
as an ideal source of information.

purchase decision
Your potential customer wants
specifically what you offer.
Help create strong lead forms
you to qualified inquiries.

interest & affection
Your potential customer is looking for solutions
and wants advice. With the
Website present yourself as
problem solver.

Your won customer looks
to your website. Show it
themselves and the possibilities that
maybe he doesn't know. 

Advantage WordPress

Everything is possible.

WordPress offers an excellent platform with which you can quickly and easily create responsive websites with an effective design. Together with the page builder Elementor and other plug-ins, almost unlimited designs are possible. With WordPress we can create almost any type of website, including blogs, portfolios, online shops, corporate websites, educational websites, information sites, events sites and multisites for a whole website cosmos on a single WordPress basis.

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  • Static websites with content, blogs, contact options, lead generation and much more.
  • Webshops with WooCommerce incl. payment function, e-mail communication for real products, services or virtual products.
  • Dynamic websites that can flexibly organize and individually display large amounts of information (e.g. many locations or many services)
  • Event websites with course offerings, booking options and shop systems
  • WordPress multipages with a common theme and plugin basis for landing pages or a website cosmos (e.g. main page, satellite pages and landing pages).

Why elementor?

The page builder Elementor is suitable, if you want to create high-quality websites and develop them flexibly and quickly. It offers an intuitive interface, a variety of features and widgets, and a set of tools that make it easy to develop and optimize the website.

Elementor dissolves the WordPress structure with a separate theme and offers a comprehensive solution in a single user interface.

As an agency, we benefit from the fact that we have an efficient solution with a multitude of functions and design elements, with which we can work quickly and flexibly. As a customer, you benefit from rapid implementation and flexible further development at a fair price-performance ratio.

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Why to us?

Not only do we create your website with the most modern means and a lot of passion, we also maintain it on request. Sleep well when hackers break their teeth or you need ad hoc changes on the website. These services pay off with satisfied users, well-sleeping admins, great loading speed and permanently available websites.

With a whole range of services from performance hosting to care and maintenance, we take care of your WordPress website.

Relaunch of the new corporate website with lottie animations on our performance hosting.

Example Title 2
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris tempus nisl vitae magna pulvinar laoreet.
Example Title 3
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Mauris tempus nisl vitae magna pulvinar laoreet.

Separate services

We create your responsive website with WordPress, Elementor and all other important plugins.
With the WooCommerce shop plugin, WordPress is ideal for developing a web shop flexibly and easily, starting with e-commerce and selling products online. From the presentation of the products, through the sales process to e-mail communication - we set up a complete web shop with WooCommerce for you.
We create database-supported websites for you with WordPress, Elementor and ACF.
Several websites on a common WordPress basis - purposefully creating a corporate cosmos.
Development and creation of a lead form, which allows the user to make a qualified request step by step with a graphic interface and steps.
Performance hosting of your WordPress website with extremely fast loading time, update and security services.
The development of your
WordPress website

We set ourselves high quality standards when creating your WordPress website. Our pages must look correct on browsers on computers and smartphones, load quickly and work securely.

Branding & UX & UI

In the best-case scenario, you have a clear idea of your new website and have found some beautiful sites that you like. This is a good prerequisite for the further development of your branding and user experience.

In order to achieve an outstanding and functioning design, we use a trick from the Apple website: In each section of a website (approx. 75% of the viewport) we present the respective core statement of the topic to be described in a nutshell. Depending on the content or statement that we want to transport, we use text, image, icon, graphic, lottie animation, video, chart, counter, accordion, slider, flip boxes, hotspots and much more. 

Branding and user interface (UI) design with colors, shapes, surfaces, lines, fonts and other elements ensure a uniform appearance. The focus is always on the user experience. The user is guided to their destination calmly and clearly through the website.

Images, graphics, icons & animations

If you have your own pictures or graphics: great! Bring it on! Otherwise, we find suitable graphics, meaningful icons or stock images that are out of line. We create a large set of different styles, scenes and expressions for the website.

We have also been working with Lottie animations since 2022. You'll find a lot of them here on this page (anything that moves graphically). We can use a large number of graphics and animations and adapt them in color to your CI.

Icons hand drawn
Texts & Content

We create all texts for your website about your company, your industry, services, products and much more. With a detailed briefing, we will find the best way of expressing effective texts that match your style.

It is important that we receive all the necessary information from you. These can be documents or other websites that summarize your services. 

This information serves as inspiration and a starting point for writing the text. Each text is edited and proofread by us. 

But pure text does not lead to an attractive website. In order to make the content tangible and scannable for the user, we integrate it into the website with a suitable design and design elements. In this way, your content can have maximum impact and generate sales. 

Responsive programming

About 5 years ago we read that there are over 56,000 different sizes of smartphones and the like. There might have been more. Just like every car has a seat belt, every page should look good on every device.

To achieve this, we design your new website to be responsive. We optimize and test them in Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari, as well as modern smartphones with full browsers.

This process is more involved than you might think, as almost every design element needs to be revised and tested. Here, too, the page builder Elementor helps us as an agency, with the help of which we can set a lot with on-board resources.

lightning speed

We create websites that are as lean as possible, which get by with just a few plugins and structurally do not bring any unnecessary ballast. With professional caching, code minimization and much more, your new website will load quickly and securely.

However, we get the real potential out of it with our performance hosting. With a super-fast server with Litespeed caching, loading times of 0.5 seconds and a mobile Google Page Speed Score of over 90% are possible. If that doesn't mean anything to you: this is the holy grail of loading speed and really fast.


We take care of data protection and the legal information on your website. As an agency partner of eRecht24, we have all the tools for creating legally secure websites and texts at our disposal. 

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Although we cannot guarantee legal certainty on the subject of GDPR, we can certainly identify and solve the common dangers and stumbling blocks around the website. In the area of data protection, there are always new things and updates due to changed case law and court decisions. Use our GDPR Update Service to automatically keep data protection and co. up to date.


Thanks to AI, the topic of translations has now become an automatic, affordable and high-quality process. We take care of your desired languages, set everything up and switch them live.

We would be happy to give you a detailed and recorded online introduction to working on the translations yourself. 

Hosting & Services
litespeed logo

Performance Hosting‚Äč

Do you only want the best when it comes to speed and security? Use our performance hosting including service for your WordPress site. With a performance server, Litespeed caching and CDN network, we take hosting to a new level.

ImmunifyAV 3

Security at the highest level

As nice as the freedom with WordPress is, the sites are unfortunately very popular with hackers. Every gap is exploited mercilessly. With our detailed security and security concept, we ensure stable availability and can quickly switch the website live again if the worst comes to the worst.

Logo Plesk free

update service

Do you always know if your website is online? Is everything up to date and do you have current backups? With our maintenance and update service, we ensure stable performance and respond quickly to failures.

Our web design Customers

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Created well over 250 websites

avg 3 websites per month

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Call now!

Are you interested in principle and would like to talk about your project? Do you have questions as to whether we are the right contact for you? Call me and ask your questions! I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. You can find more information on the contact page.

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I am here for you.
Yours Andreas Heinrich

Details & Answers.

Many details, as well as the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Which domain should I use?

New customers often tell us that they have already secured several domains for the website to be developed. In some cases, a number of domain variations are reserved relatively indiscriminately, while the most sustainable variant is sometimes left unconsidered. 

Many aspects play a role in the choice of domain: corporate architecture, branding aspects, brand differentiation, search engine optimization, sustainability or possible internationalization. We support you in finding the right domain that will make you happy in the long term.

Is the site SEO optimized?

Of course, we make sure that it is created correctly in terms of SEO conventions. The website usually loads faster after a relaunch because we have already optimized the page accordingly.

BUT: SEO is a process and not a one-time thing. A launch or relaunch naturally brings movement to the rankings. But these usually disappear after a while if you do nothing. 

Book our SEO onboarding and our continuous SEO services to build the right rankings in a targeted manner.

Can I edit the website myself?
Is there training?

Of course, that's the purpose of the system. Our goal is always a living website, which is further developed by you or us. For simple changes or content extensions, we would be happy to provide you with training or tutorials.

If you get stuck, we're happy to support you, for example with a short call. Call us simply and easily. 

Do you want to train your team or new employees? No problem, book hourly training courses with us, in which we will answer all specific questions and which you are welcome to record.

How long does implementation take?

We discuss the specific course of the project in one or more detailed meetings. The duration of the project depends on the complexity and size, but above all on how quickly you provide us with the necessary information.

As soon as we have all the information, you can expect processing of classic websites to take 6-8 weeks. Because it really mattered, we were even able to finish a website in 4 days.


Who owns the rights?

The rights to the WordPress site, layouts and content always belong to you. You are welcome to use any of the elements from it, eg for business cards. You can do whatever you want with it. We are at your side with advice and action and want to win you over as a long-term customer. But we won't stand in your way if you only decide to work with us for a short period of time.

Where can the site be hosted?

What is hosting? Very simply explained: the website must be installed on a computer and be accessed by a large number of users on the Internet at the same time. Most providers do this quite well and have a development-friendly environment, but there are also Hosters from hell. 

We create your WordPress website on our development servers and later transfer it to a hoster of your choice. It is important that this provides enough services for WordPress. An online shop or an extensive site in particular can require a lot of resources.

You can also run your website (no emails) on our Litespeed Performance Hosting. This is an optimized, extremely fast server with a complete service package from us.

How are licenses going?

We always provide you with images, icons and graphics with a suitable license and assign them to the project URL. In doing so, we renounce Free portals, since the licensing seems to have been clarified, but nothing concrete can be shown.

At WordPress, we mostly buy annual ones ourselves Unlimited Licenses. The fees are incurred by us annually and we can usually provide them to you at a much lower price. Most licenses are integrated with maintenance contracts. 

What if I don't like the first version of the website?

Of course, we already learn a lot about your preferences and your taste in the preliminary talks. When it comes to creative work, it is always an open question whether the result really fits. 

But don't worry, with us, changes are included in the total price and, to a certain extent, are expected. We are passionate about the topic and want to find the best and most suitable layout.

Prices ‚Äď How much does a website cost?

The question of concrete prices is difficult to answer because very different types and sizes of projects are possible. (Answer off the top of my head what a car costs?). But of course we can name house numbers. For a small project or a starter website with around 3 subpages, we start at around 1,800 euros. Larger websites or special requirements could land between 3,500 and 6,000 euros net. Web shops with WooCommerce start at around 4,500 euros due to the complexity. Larger, dynamic and more complex web projects are between 8,000 and 20,000 euros net. 

Despite all the standards, every project is unique. Let us discuss your project and we will make you an offer for a website created with passion and expertise with a fair price-performance ratio for all parties. 

Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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I look forward to meeting you. Yours Andreas Heinrich