Classic website with WordPress & Elementor

A modern website these days needs to be powerful, responsive and user-friendly. The website should work well on all major devices so that users have an optimal experience no matter what device they use to access the website. The website needs to be easy to use and have a user-friendly interface so that users can easily navigate and find what they are looking for.

Websites from Heinrich Marketing are always complete, fully functional, correct in terms of content, lean programming and fit for the GDPR. We not only program, but create all areas on request. A classic website from us always contains a clear start page, product or service pages, references, about us page, contact, blog, header, footer, data protection and imprint. Extensions are possible at any time in the open WordPress system. We can supply icons, graphics, images, texts and other elements on request. 

Basically, you could just give us a topic or business idea and we will create a complete website from it. But it is your business: the more we can bring in your personality, the values and ideas of your company, the brand essence of your products, the better.

We design for the moment of truth. Web design is particularly effective when it relates to a topic that touches and moves us personally. Aesthetics play a crucial role in attracting interest and increasing user motivation. For each section, we question the intention and develop an intuitively effective web design.

setup development account; Install plugins, activate

  • System: WordPress; Theme: Hello; Page Builder: Elementor Pro; extensions
  • Create a test page
  • Setup header & footer

Technical quality

  • Adaptation to modern browsers with a fluid, responsive design
  • Speed: fast loading time; Measurement with
  • Automatic compression of uploaded images
  • After going live: Extensive caching including compression, minimization and database optimization
  • Desktop browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Mobile: Minimum size: iPhone 10 - modern browsers.
  • Set security plugins and additional storage on server

Launch / go live

  • SSL certificate integration
  • Discontinuation of important redirects
  • Domain conversion via A-Record
  • Extensive function tests

Further services

We install a modern SEO tool on your WordPress instance and set up all the important details for being found on Google.
Assisting in setting up, designing and going live a Shopify store on behalf of the client.
Performance hosting of your WordPress website with extremely fast loading time, update and security services.
Development and creation of a lead form, which allows the user to make a qualified request step by step with a graphic interface and steps.
Several websites on a common WordPress basis - purposefully creating a corporate cosmos.
We create database-supported websites for you with WordPress, Elementor and ACF.
Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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I look forward to meeting you. Yours Andreas Heinrich