Google Analytics | 4

Creation of the Google Analytics 4 account

  • Creation property
  • Set up stream / tests for functionality
  • Linking Google Analytics 4 to the Google Ads account
  • Enable Google Signals
  • Google Analytics 4 base tracking code


  • Subscribe to Newsletter
  • Submit contact form
  • book an appointment
  • Phone call, send email

Further services

With the Google Lead Ads extension you can generate leads directly in the ad on the Google page. With a selection of question options, you can avoid the detour via the website and directly generate qualified inquiries.
With Google Shopping Ads, the products are prominently displayed in Google Product Ads. With these ads, a lot of data is automatically transferred from the shop to Google. Shopping onboarding ensures that all data is connected correctly.
We create and optimize text ads for your company in the Google Search network (normal Google search) with the aim of maximizing conversions.
With onboarding, we create the conditions for your advertising on Google Ads. Basically, the ads account belongs to you, we only intervene as an agency. However, this procedure requires some help from you, since we do not have all the authorizations.
Here we go

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