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We always have vacancies and are looking for good and capable team members (m/f/d). Heinrich Marketing has been growing for years. Since 2010, we have grown from a small one-man show into a medium-sized online marketing agency. We therefore constantly need new employees who want to get involved and want to work in this area.
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Digital manager

We are looking for a project and account manager with experience in online marketing and digital projects.

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Working at Heinrich Marketing

If you already have agency experience, you can imagine that the job can be really exhausting at times. Too many tasks and challenges at once. However, our approach is not to make life unnecessarily harder than it is. Technical problems with a website? Give the task to the boss. Don't know how to solve this specific problem? Ask your colleague or the boss. We really work together and help each other where we can.

With experience and good training, an account position with appropriate remuneration is possible. The requirement at the moment is that you like to work remotely, but also want to exchange ideas personally from time to time.

That is why we are specifically looking for employees who can imagine such a position in the long term. Past experiences and a now much smaller team have shown that we no longer want to be a springboard for other jobs, but want to work with you on a long-term basis.

In order to make this possible, can we respond extremely well to your situation? you have children No problem. The boss has 4 of them himself. He knows what that means. You're welcome. Are you often abroad? No problem, we work remotely anyway. We are looking for the best minds, no matter how life around it looks.

That's how it is here! Hair sharp, exactly like that!