"Everyone always said it couldn't be done until someone came along who didn't know anything about it and just did it."

Always my motto.

Anna beier

As a customer manager, I am responsible for communication with our customers and the development and support of joint projects.

My passion lies in the mix of creativity and an analytical approach. It is this mix that makes online marketing so special for me: With the mix of creative, innovative ideas and efficient data evaluation using the latest analysis tools, we can design and continuously optimize campaigns. This is how our customers effectively reach and convince their target groups and there is real added value for everyone involved.

Before I started my work at Heinrich Marketing, I tried a few things and gained experience in a wide variety of industries. While I was able to get to know large parts of the world and its cultures on concert tours as part of my singing and music training, I lived in the USA as part of my education studies, made cheese by hand in the traditional way and worked in schools and kindergartens. Ultimately, however, my path led me to study business administration with a focus on sustainable business and then into the field of (online) marketing. I am currently writing my master's thesis on automated copywriting and I am super happy that my job has ended up in such a great team as Heinrich's.

When I'm not working, I prefer to spend my time outdoors in the fresh air and in nature - for me it is definitely the best way to switch off, recharge my batteries and free my mind for new ideas.

What is important to me

Trust, confidence and honesty are central values for me. This is exactly why I appreciate the open, cordial and trust-based team atmosphere at Heinrich Marketing Agency and the opportunity to develop yourself and your skills.

It is also very important to me to convey these values to our customers. Through close but open and transparent communication, I would like to give you the feeling and knowledge that you are being taken seriously and that you are in good hands with us.



Annalita or Änna Banana


1.73 m


those of Mark Elsberg and Benedikt Wells


Travel, sustainability, creativity