Always my motto.

Andreas Heinrich

I was born in the 80s, have a degree in business, digital native, child of enterprising parents and have been self-employed as a DJ and party organizer since my youth. Out of the urge to be responsible for a company myself and my passion for marketing, I started my agency in 2010. I owe the development of Heinrich Marketing to the team that has been at my side since 2011. Together we have contributed to making Heinrich Marketing what we are today: a team that gets going. A team that holds together.

The headgear warms in the wind,
hidden where there are bald spots.
This is how you care for and cherish with care
the barren rest of the hair.

My passion is design. Be it in the offline world, in which I move the office every few weeks, or on the Internet, where I am always looking for new ideas and impulses. I have four wonderful children, Ben, Ella, Finn and the incredibly cute newcomer Theo. When I'm not working, I enjoy time out with my wife and children, like hiking, for example in the Pfaffenwinkel or in the mountains.

Grateful every day

I would like to thank everyone who supports Heinrich Marketing, the current team, former employees, friends, colleagues and customers who regularly recommend us to others. I would particularly like to thank my father, who supported me with words and deeds during the first few years. I owe my temperament and the will to achieve great things to my mother.

A man is only as strong as the woman behind it. Without my wife Caro, the whole undertaking would not be feasible. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for ongoing help, great support and sleepy nights.



Haina or Hoana


Just on Spotify consequences




Everything astronomical by Florian Freistetter, Harald Lesch or Captain Picard

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