"My heart is dancing"


Tamara Singer

Jacob about Tamara

Tamara impressed us from the start with her writing skills and her quick-wittedness. She works for us as a dual student of the extra class (really unique!) And is an important part of the Heinrich Marketing Family. When Tamara hits the keyboard, texts come out that are bursting with creative ideas and witty headlines. And that's the case even if she writes the 100th SEO text for a dentist's website.
Boring? Tamara doesn't have that, so she doesn't shame herself for any comment in everyday team work - by the way, I get most of them ;-). Because Tamara is quick in her head, she helps us all if we have a mental block. What I particularly appreciate about Tamara is the cooperation around the websites of our customers, because together we catapult them to the highest level in terms of content and appearance. Whether dancing - Tamara’s passionate hobby - or in our office, she always gives 100% and Heinrich Marketing cannot be imagined without it as a team player.

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Tamy or Taminator

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Carl Fredricksen (above)

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