"We just do it like that!"

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Gianna has been working at Heinrich Marketing for 5 years. She is the oldest employee here and has been through pretty much every situation. If you have a question, Gianna will give you an answer faster and more targeted than you can say "online marketing". What do you really need to know about Gianna? She is always on the ball and there for her customers. If you get started right (and it actually always does), you can only be amazed at how quickly it analyzes even the most difficult construction sites, creates order and makes clear announcements. Strategic thinking, clarity and determination - nobody can hold a candle to her here. And because she knows what makes you tick, she always finds the right tone - even if there are unpleasant truths to be said.
With her feeling for people and situations, Gianna also holds our team together. As a team leader, she gets the best out of each of us. We don't know any problems in the team because they solve them before they arise. And so we love and praise the good working atmosphere here without noticing who is actually holding everything together and ensuring the right pulse. In short: Gianna is not only a work colleague, but also the heart of Heinrich Marketing.

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GiannaBanana or giannapeño

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1.58 but actually I'm a 2 meter tall man with a full beard


Lots of workouts, boxing and hiking at the moment. Listen to audio books, for example. everything from Andreas Eschbach or Michael Köhlmeier and much more.


Rub his nose like Wiki from “Wiki and the Strong Men” and say: “We'll just do it like that!”