"Without strategy, content is just stuff. The world has enough stuff. "

Ajrun Basu

Content creation

User-centered content development

Content creation has many facets. In the digital world, the attention span is short. Users jump back and forth between different devices and channels. In order to attract positive attention, creative content is essential - be it on websites, landing pages, web shops, blogs, posts or in advertisements.

We write authentic brand texts, crisp product descriptions, informative stories or effective advertising texts, depending on the requirements. Our job is to understand your products and services and to make them accessible to your target group in an easily understandable way.

Big bandwidth

Our range as a content agency from Munich is wide. In addition to the texts for search engine optimization, the focus of our work is on advertising texts in various variations. We write short and concise texts for Google Ads or target group-specific advertising texts for posts Facebook or Instagram.

Often several types of text are combined for a topic block: for example Text adsthat link to the service page and meta descriptions for display in Google search. We check every text internally and then together with you for accuracy. If necessary, we also resort to professional proofreading so that everything is 100% correct.

Holistic approach

As an agency, our content marketing strategy is not limited to the pure creation of texts. The marketing content must be presented to the audience and pick them up where they are in the user journey. This works best with a combination of texts, infographics, icons, images and other elements that make the content easy to understand.

We pay attention to the meaningful and visible integration of call-to-actions. Because every page has a purpose and should trigger one or more actions. We make it easy for your users to know what to do next.

Good texts = relevant SEO

Search engine optimization means above all: Writing relevant texts on the topic. By far the greatest effort of the SEO optimization is the creation of thematically appropriate content that the reader finds interesting and the search engine classifies as relevant. In order to make texts fit for SEO, we research keywords, semantically suitable phrases and check, expand or create completely new texts.

Examples of text content on websites

Home page

The start page contains all the important elements of the main navigation, provides an overview and makes you want more information. From the user's point of view, a start page must first answer three questions quickly: “Am I right?”, “Do I feel good?” And “Will I find the topic I'm looking for.” In addition, competence can be demonstrated and trust can be built. This works with references, reviews, news, calls to action (call-to-actions) and many other elements that forward to corresponding sub-pages.

Products & services

The individual service, solution or product are intended for those who already know what they are specifically interested in. The general decision for a product group has often already been made, now it's about the details such as specific applications, features, technical data and all other information about the product.

The service or product pages are precisely adapted to these triggers, which were researched in the content creation. In this way, we create functioning and coherent landing pages that could then be specifically addressed in advertisements, for example.

about us

The content of a About us page primarily serves to create trust, to learn more about the company and to get to know the team. You have the option of developing several pages with specific topics or you can choose to have just one page about your company on your website. If there is only one About Us page, the topics of self-image, vision, mission, team, philosophy, history, career, press and quality standards are presented together. It represents the core of brand communication and ideally answers why a company exists.

On a team page, you can show appreciation for your own team. It is also an important part of employer branding. The world is shaped visually and the content of a team page ideally offers an impressive insight into who is behind the company.

Contact page

The Contact page offers a variety of possibilities to get in touch with your company. In addition to the classic telephone, e-mail and contact forms, prepared interactions are also possible: downloading an appointment guide, preliminary inquiries, opening times, office hours, live chat, QR codes for saving contacts, maps, route links by car / public transport, team telephone numbers, contact persons with picture, presentation of processes, lead forms and much more.


References serve as inspiration, to build trust and to strengthen the brand and can also be easily linked in social media channels. The user learns which projects they have already successfully completed or what their own customers say about you. In this area, performance examples, references, testimonials, use cases, white papers or customer evaluations can be displayed. If there are numerous and / or detailed references, this sub-page only divides them. Otherwise the individual references are briefly explained.

News & Blog

News is a means of corporate communication and should above all be understood as a continuous process. In the content marketing area, news can be quite diverse: new products, handling of topics, internal activities, events, reviews, customer presentations, project posts, target achievement, funny things, statements, industry news and much more.


With certifications you show your level of quality and, if necessary, stand out from your competitors. In connection with your own quality standards, certificates can make that little difference and be a ticket to new markets.

Job page

Really good job sites lead to more applications. In the best case, the page (s) not only contain the individual jobs, but also let applicants feel that they are wanted and welcome in the company. This works with descriptions of the job requirements, the working atmosphere, the activities outside the company, the events and much more.

Partner site

Partners can be sales partners, suppliers, friendly companies, multipliers, extensions of the network and much more. be. Partner sites usually express a deep appreciation, but can also be set up as a specific sales channel.

Service page

Good service makes a positive contribution to customer and brand loyalty. A good service site picks up the users with their problems and delivers simple and real solutions on the different levels of the service process.

Do you need good content?

If you need relevant and simply beautiful texts, we are here for you. Make an appointment at your company or at our agency in Munich.