"SEO isn't about optimizing for search, it's about optimizing for people."

Dharmesh Shah

SEO agency Munich

Holistic search engine optimization

You are not alone! Countless competitors offer comparable services or products. Those who are found in the front area for their topic on Google have a clear advantage. With our professional search engine optimization, we identify growth opportunities at Google and carry out the SEO measures for you. As an SEO agency from Munich, we sustainably increase the traffic of your company website through visible rankings for relevant search queries.

Cornerstones of our SEO

Over 200 individual factors determine success in the search engines of the world. These can be summarized in 6 cornerstones: structure, technology, OnPage, content, backlinks and monitoring. As an SEO agency from Munich, we operate a holistic optimization that converts these cornerstones into a native process in Online marketing anchored in a company.

More than just rankings

The goal of Google is to remain the number 1 search engine. The search engine can only do this by displaying the search results that make their users happy. The updates of the search algorithm have been pointing in this direction for a long time. That is why our goal was and is always to create user-friendly and high-quality websites.

A large part of our measures is devoted to understanding users and responding to them. For example, fast loading times are a ranking factor, but the user of the website is the real beneficiary. That is why search engine optimization is a fundamental process within online marketing for us that should never be ignored.

SEO agency tool: searchmetrics

To really play in the top league, you need a precise tool with a large database. We use searchmetrics for this. We use it to determine global key figures for the competitiveness and market performance of individual websites.

We tighten our search and content strategies and find potential that otherwise hardly any tool would find. And it helps us in practical terms in our daily work as an SEO agency.

6 cornerstones of our SEO

Architecture / structure

When it comes to classic SEO services, at first you think less of the page architecture and structure. It is of fundamental importance, especially for larger projects and international companies. How are countries, regions or local areas structured on the website in a sustainable manner? How do you integrate different market segments or product categories so that they perform optimally in the area of SEO?

With data-based market insights, we develop the optimal site architecture for your company based on regions, segments or categories. Within this structure, we prioritize strategic measures and organize associated processes.


The perfect implementation of technical factors in SEO is the basis for entry into Top10 rankings. With precise technical measures In terms of page speed and performance, we ensure a positive user experience and a first-class technical structure.

With a wide range of crawling setups and automatic audits, we reveal technical obstacles, indexing and link errors as well as forwarding chains. We evaluate server response codes and identify and resolve any errors that arise. With a detailed analysis and many out-of-the-box solutions for our systems, we optimize the speed, loading times and file sizes.


With our OnPage analysis, we identify duplicate URLs, canonical tags and optimize page titles and meta descriptions. An optimal internal link structure offers great potential for targeted promotion of pages. With our OnPage optimization, your Internet pages are technically, formally and content at the highest level.


Outstanding content as the most important factor

Successful search engine optimization is primarily characterized by quality high quality texts and content which are geared towards the search intention of your target group. Based on our SEO strategy, we uncover the most important topics of your company and ensure that your content is better than that of your competitors. To do this, we determine and optimize the content score, a quality factor for content and its keyword coverage.

With a selection of relevant topics, questions, keyword sets and ranking potentials, we create or optimize the content of the respective subpage.


Positive link building philosophy

Backlinks (that is, links from other sites to your company page) are still an important component in developing strong organic rankings. These are also interesting from a marketing point of view. But the relevance of this factor is steadily decreasing in online marketing and optimization. As an agency, we expressly do not practice any active link building.

Our approach as an SEO agency Munich regarding backlinks is that of a positive link building philosophy. That is, we connect what should be connected. We put it where a backlink is important and right. Our goal is real, natural links that enrich the linked page and offer wider context.


We track and analyze your SEO performance wherever your users are on the Internet. We keep an eye on rankings, market shares, competitors and growth potential for your company - be it in Munich or worldwide and for many devices and search engines.

Our monitoring consists of alerts, dashboards and reports. Events with an urgent need for action are automatically sent to us in Munich by e-mail. With a variety of dashboards, we always have your SEO performance in view.



Do you want to learn how to get better rankings? Or do you want to know in detail where you actually stand in the Google ranking?

We uncover the SEO strategy of your competitors on Google and compare it with the performance of your site. We are happy to get to know each other during a detailed, free and non-binding SEO consultation in Munich and analyze initial potential. 

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