"If your content isn't converting, you're doing something wrong."

Dan Roth

Lead generation

Direct, qualified inquiries from your customers

Digitalization also goes hand in hand with digitization of customer relationships. In the past, new customers were acquired analogue via trade fairs or telesales, today contact often begins digitally. The lead generation takes place either via external purchases or via the own website. With our landing pages and multi-level lead forms, we arouse targeted interest and generate qualified inquiries in the B2B or B2C area. The best thing about it: Your customers feel they are in good hands, understood and will be happy to send you an inquiry!

Preliminary stage 1: attracting attention

No inquiries without visitors. So that the right users can find themselves on your page, we can advertise the landing page with Google Ads or Facebook Ads or generate attention with social media posts, email campaigns or clicks from organic search.

Preliminary stage 2: arousing interest

The lead generation is always embedded in a landing page structure. This inspires trust and provides detailed information. The landing page has an optimized structure for the user, which conveys the specific offer in a valuable way.

Multi-step lead form

Better leads: We place the lead generation within the landing page: A multi-level, graphical, intelligent interface that generates qualified inquiries in an intuitive process.

Handover in sales

The "Marketing" request must now be exported to a sales lead for sales in the company. For a fluid workflow, we export the inquiries as email, PDF or CRM system such as Salesforce or in Excel.

Scalable landing pages

The search intention is often regional or limited by other limiting factors. The user needs, for example, a regional provider or an object that meets his requirements. With our scalable landing pages including lead generation, we can target these inquiries precisely.

Lead strategy

Buy or generate yourself

In most cases, you can buy leads for your industry. These are pre-qualified, vary in price and are sent to 2 to 5 providers. Many years of agency experience show us a conversion rate of 4% to 7% for external inquiries.

The use of your own forms leads to a success between 20% and 50% depending on the industry due to the trust in advance and the fact that you only receive the inquiries yourself.

Now you can work out for yourself which form is financially better. The advantage of your own forms lies in the independence and flexibility in the design. You have to pay attention to the initial, support and advertising costs.

Multi-stage lead process

Initial question
Serves the basic query
Closer limitation
Conditional logic divides the form
Further queries
Necessary information for qualified inquiries
e.g. How many units? How many people?
contact form
e.g. address, email, telephone, availability, etc.

Conditional logic

With conditional logics, we generate "understanding" lead forms that respond individually to the user's input. In this way we create a meaningful flow that both picks up the user and takes your requirements and experiences into account in customer inquiries. This enables us to create very precise queries that are easy to fill out for customers in the B2B or B2C area and also provide important information for sales.



The export of the qualified request by email is standard. We enter one or more desired e-mail addresses to which the request with all the necessary information is automatically sent after entry.

CRM systems like Salesforce

Only with a CRM system can you process many B2B or B2C inquiries professionally and establish fluid sales processes. The transfer of inquiries from the sales website must be automatic and complete. We ensure that the marketing leads are seamlessly integrated into sales and that all information is stored correctly in the CRM system. For marketing automation, our agency offers native interfaces to Salesforce, Zoho and other CRM systems or alternatively to Zapier.


The export of the generated leads as PDF makes sense if they are forwarded to external partners without a CRM system. We give the lead the necessary graphic framework and present your inquiries professionally and without barriers.


Smaller companies in particular do not have their own CRM system, but process their inquiries via Excel. We export individual information from the request as a standardized Microsoft Excel file for you.



Before we create a briefing for your new lead generation, it makes sense that you gather as much insight and ideas as possible. Lead generation portals can be the first point of contact. Ask your sales department what inquiries they would like to have or what customers always ask over the phone. This gives the first clues.

Basically, the B2B lead process does not differ that much from the B2C inquiry process. In the B2B area, more technical details are requested, as users have often done more research in advance.


As an agency for lead generation, we work with you to develop a concept for all aspects of generating inquiries. We analyze the current situation and how we can place the process within your online marketing. To this end, we develop suitable online marketing measures, such as how the structure of a landing page can be designed and how the lead is optimally passed on to sales.

Do you want leads?

When you're ready to take the next level in your sales process and generate more leads with our multi-level forms, get in touch! As an online marketing agency with sales experts, we generate the desired attention and forward it to optimized landing pages, which in turn generate leads that are processed in your CRM or in a variety of other ways. Remarketing concepts build a bridge between the different levels.