"The worst mistake of all is not being aware of any."

Thomas Carlyle

Digital SWOT analysis

You can get a clear picture of where you are online with a digital SWOT analysis. In contrast to a normal SWOT analysis that analyzes the entire company, the digital SWOT focuses on the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the online marketing Environment. With a detailed and detailed evaluation you get a starting point to eliminate strategic weaknesses, minimize risks, take advantage of opportunities and optimize your strengths.


The strengths in online marketing are shown by your website and how strongly your users interact with you online.


There is almost always room for improvement. The weaknesses reveal the priorities that urgently need to be addressed.


In direct comparison with your strongest online competitors, there are often large and achievable opportunities for your company.


Is the idea too big or too radical? The risk analysis shows whether one could lift oneself in individual areas.

Template for a digital SWOT analysis

Digital media planning

The digital SWOT analysis is the ideal starting point for distributing advertising budgets sensibly between the various channels and measures. Above all, it enables statements or starting points in which type of channel an investment is best in the short or long term.

There are three basic directions: self-produced, paid and user-generated content. All three options have their respective advantages and disadvantages or must be checked intensively for a cost-benefit ratio.