"Ads are the shop window to your website."
We design it precisely and invitingly.

Google Ads Agency Munich

A campaign works when it is relevant. We create advertisements for you that will attract the attention of your prospects. As a certified Google Ads agency from Munich, we have been structuring and optimizing advertisements in the B2B or B2C area since 2010.

In the modern marketing mix, there is hardly any way to achieve quick success using Google Ads (formerly Adwords) and SEO past. Practically every potential customer uses Google search to find out about products and services and to find solutions to their problems. From local advertisements to comprehensive campaigns for international companies, as a certified Google Adwords agency in Munich, we get the best out of your online advertising. The result is more customers and more qualified leads.

Our job as a Google Ads agency in Munich

Good Google Ads campaigns and advertisements get the most out of search engine advertising. They use the various possibilities of the medium and target the search intention of the user. 

We help your products or services to achieve targeted reach. With suitable campaign types such as search, display or YouTube campaigns, we create appealing banner, text or image ads.

Principles & Concept

When Google Ads accounts are built up over the years, there is often great chaos in the structure of the campaigns and ads. This is at the expense of performance. Our first principle is to build a clear and sustainable structure for your Google Ads.

As a Google Ads agency, we are extremely stingy when it comes to your advertising budget. Our goal is the best cost-benefit ratio for your ads budget. We optimize your search engine advertising using clear key figures, such as the Closing leads. Also the overall performance of the website, which we use a comprehensive tracking concept evaluate can be an optimization goal.

In the short term, Google Ads are an excellent way to generate visibility quickly and directly. In the long term, however, Google Ads tend to complement the search results that we achieve through our extensive SEO measures. Find out more about our SEO services here.

Certified Google Ads agency

Every member of our SEA team is a certified Google expert. Think strategically, implement it excellently and then control it optimally - these are our three principles with which we launch creative campaigns in search engine advertising. As a certified Google partner agency from Munich, we have extensive know-how in the individual disciplines of ads.

Classification in the online marketing process

One moment potential customers are looking for a certain product, the next they are surfing YouTube and watching a video. The excessive use of mobile devices, different channels and formats gives us many points of contact where we can target potential customers.

Every user of a search engine has an intention. The user either wants to receive information or has a direct purchase intention (transactional). For example, it is essential that transactional ads on Google Ads also have direct interaction options (multi-level lead forms) on the target page.

For sustainable and long-term success, we recommend a healthy mix of transaction, information and Brand building. With an agile strategy, we optimally control the measures within the online marketing process.

Google Ads Agency Munich

Strategy & advice

  • It always starts with a detailed, data-driven analysis of your company, the competition and the products or services that you want to advertise with the help of Google Ads. The analysis is the basis for the new ads strategy.
  • In the first step, the strategy includes a Google Ads setup, with which we renew or improve the structure within the Adwords and set goals and their tracking.
  • We determine the monthly optimization in the agency action plan. This includes the selection of the keywords & placements to be used, the definition of the measures and bid strategy as well as the creation of the advertisements and texts including the various extensions.

Benefits of Heinrich Marketing

  • Optimization of your Google Ads campaigns can be canceled on a monthly basis
  • Optimization in your Google Ads account - all data and campaigns are yours
  • Officially certified agency from Munich
  • Online marketing agency with an all-round view of the most important digital channels such as SEA, SEO, Social media, Web design and much more.


Planning of SeA marketing

Generating attention through ads is often expensive, important keywords are competitive and require high bids. It is therefore important to sensibly integrate the user's contact points with your company in the online marketing process and thus also to take them into account when planning Google Ads.

As a certified Google Ads agency from Munich, we ensure the optimal structure and performance-oriented optimization of the ads. We pay attention to where your prospect is within the customer journey. Our advertising texts address the user in a targeted manner and we use specific metrics (such as inquiries, calls, emails, etc.) to measure the success of Google Ads.

Set up

Technical ads setup

  • Setting up the campaign including ad groups, keywords and ads
  • Setup or maintenance of the campaign components including extensions
  • Recording of all relevant tracking parameters and setting up the tracking
  • Technical preparation of the performance reporting via the Google Ads ads
  • Setup of Google AdWords dashboards and alerts


Campaign and media management

  • Continuous weighting (budget) and control of the campaign modules on the basis of the defined goals and budgets
  • Monitoring and improving the bid strategy
  • Optimization and control of converting keywords
  • Revision of search terms & ad texts if optimization is required

Monitoring & development

Through continuous control and analysis, we are able to create high-quality and uniform looking campaigns, which not only give you an optimal appearance in Google Ads, but also bring you customers effectively.
  • Reporting of the campaign services provided
  • Monthly presentation of the SEA campaign KPIs including the target group effect on the website
  • Qualitative, content optimization & continuous bid optimization of campaigns, ads and keywords
  • Checking the correct tracking functions

Looking for an SEA agency in Munich?

We take over the planning of your advertising and the regular control and optimization of your Google Ads account for you. Make an appointment today with us at the agency in Munich or at your company. As a certified SEA agency in Munich, we are happy to be there for you and advise you in detail and without obligation on your advertising on the Internet.