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Social media and review portals present companies with new challenges and opportunities. You have to find a way to manage the many touchpoints to customers or prospects. We work with you to develop the potential of Facebook, Instagram and rating portals.

Together we will find the right ways to increase your level of awareness and to present your brand, products and services. Let's exciting content design that really interests your target audience. The goal is fans who become your brand ambassadors.

If a customer comments publicly about their service experience on Facebook, Google MyBusiness or other opinion portals, this influences many people positively or negatively (keyword: Amazon ratings). Especially the negative comments and ratings are often unexpected and shocking at first. But they are very easy to control if you don't hide behind brand messages, but instead seek dialogue.

Together we work out a whole catalog of measures in the event of negative comments or ratings and define clear processes for positive communication. As a result, many conflicts are resolved face-saving for both sides, or at least significantly defused.


As social media experts, we see the greatest danger less in the incoming shitstorm than in its opposite: the yawning emptiness. Generate 99% of all posts with business intent: nothing. No interaction, no real enthusiasm and you waste valuable resources for little impact.

We have 1.5 seconds to pique the user's curiosity. This is the average length of time a user pays attention to a post. He scrolls about 100 meters through the Facebook and Instagram feeds every day.

However, real interaction only occurs with topics that have momentum and move people. Our goal as a social media agency from Munich is to find these mostly few "trigger" topics for your company and to promote them with the help of Facebook Ads.

Social Media Achievements

Facebook Organic

Facebook is still the epitome of social media in this country. With a good Facebook profile and an appealing communication strategy, many digital marketing goals can be achieved. Having your own page on Facebook allows you to market new products. But that's not all: really good posts are pure social media marketing and promote the initiative of users and fans. They will like, comment or even share posts, thus spreading your brand message.

Positive testimonials from your customers on Facebook also have a positive effect on your company and the willingness to buy. As a social media agency, we take care of the planning content, the posts and the Evaluation of the interactions in the individual social media channels.


Instagram account with depth

Anyone who actively uses Instagram has experienced it: friends, companies or influencers who subtly overdo it. Cheap filters, hackneyed sayings and dozens of hashtags; one is quickly inclined to unfollow an account. As a social media agency, we still see Instagram as a platform to authentically connect companies with followers. The aim is to achieve real emotional connection through images and high-quality content. With the help of this social media channel, we want to generate real interest and lasting enthusiasm for your company and your brand.

We achieve this through high-quality content, images and graphics that are simple and easy to consume. Brand loyalty is created through the use of so-called brand filters, which ensure that posts and images appear uniformly. We reach the "right" group of people through the prudent use of hashtags. We actively build up your followers, maintain the news and comments and, as a social media agency, ensure successful social media management on Instagram.



After getting to know each other personally, a detailed audit of the current situation of your social media presence takes place. How is your company positioned? What are the competitors doing particularly well or not? What are other companies doing and how do they deal with the topic of social media? From this follows a collection of material, suggestions and ideas of how we would do it in your place.

Goal setting and tracking

We develop clear goals that we want to achieve with social media activities. Eg "We want to triple the number of fans", "All services should be explained in individual posts" or "We want to make ourselves attractive as an employer and win employees via our social media accounts". We translate these goals into metrics (e.g. interactions of social media visitors on the website), which we use our tracking concept evaluate and convert them into clear social media reports.

campaign plan

We want to hit the nerve with our posts. To do this, we develop creative ideas that have rarely been seen. In short: We write posts that get to the heart of your message in a short and concise manner. We usually plan posts and promotions six months in advance. The number of posts per month varies depending on the purpose, the audience and of course the budget.


Plannable posts are developed by us in blocks and prepared for automatic publication. Since this is your corporate communication, all posts are approved by you.

Social media monitoring

It is not uncommon for customers or prospects to communicate directly via the platforms. In these cases, we guide the communication in the right direction. We also answer comments, questions and give you regular feedback on how the respective account is developing

Review Management

Customer ratings on Google MyBusiness, Facebook, doctor portals such as Jameda or rating portals are valuable and at the same time merciless. Nowhere else is positive and negative feedback so unfiltered and direct.
A few users can (unfortunately) become powerful influencers. If you have ever received a bad rating for your company, you probably know how it feels. If there are several negative reviews, it is tantamount to a shitstorm and can have a direct impact on sales. Then it is time for professional evaluation management at the latest. It is important that this is a holistic process. Because as a social media agency we are based in Munich in our office. We are not on site and do not know the circumstances. The process of successful evaluation management can only succeed if everyone involved in your company helps. Otherwise not even the best social media agency can help you.

Active review management

The solution to this nerve-wracking dilemma begins with understanding reviews ‚Äď both negative and positive ‚Äď as a holistic and active process that affects not just individual employees, but management and the entire company. With a jointly defined process, we actively invite your customers to leave a review where other customers are looking. We filter out the customers who act as quasi-brand ambassadors, who actively support you and are happy to have an easy way to make a positive statement. With the help of "good" rating portals, we can actively shape this process and secure five stars for individual topics on your website in the Google search index.

Only sensitivity and a process of quick reaction and personal clarification helps against negative reviews. In the best case, we manage to get the user to delete the negative rating. In a joint workshop, we develop possible worst-case scenarios and plans for the worst-case scenario.

Here we go

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