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functionality & speed

Above all, a WordPress installation must technically function, load quickly and be secure. With our diverse WordPress maintenance, extensive security services, regular maintenance and optimization, we ensure smooth functionality. This is a semi-automated solution. We try to solve or automate as much as possible technically. But if there is a problem, we react automatically and repair the website within a short time.

Dangers everywhere?

What are the dangers or challenges with WordPress or websites in general? If the world were a good one, there would be technical progress, the constant striving of developers to create something new and better, and the need for users to find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently. Since it is not quite as good, there are still data octopuses, evil bots, spiders, bugs, viruses, spam and, as a result, 500s, critical errors, sudden sweepstakes or no page at all. 

All of these things result in a site either not being reachable well or not at all. And that's where we come in with an extensive package that eliminates most of the dangers or at least keeps them under control.


maintenance & security concept

Thanks to our regular maintenance and care, yours remains WordPress website up to date. Automatic and lossless image compression as well as professional caching ensure fast loading times. With uptime tracking, we can react to server failures on our own initiative and fix them immediately. Our central management of settings, automatic theme and plugin updates and cross-browser tests also ensure smooth performance of your website.

comprehensive security concept

This quote from ex-FBI Director and Special Counsel Robert Mueller sums up the situation. WordPress websites are constantly subject to hacker attacks. Safety is constantly at risk. That is why we have developed a multi-level, comprehensive security concept. In this way, we immediately close security gaps and thus prevent almost all attacks. If the malware scan was successful, we can close the security gaps quickly.

"I am convinced that there are only two types of companies: those that have been hacked and those that will be. And even they are converging into one category: companies that have been hacked and will be hacked again."


GDPR conformity

A faulty GDPR implementation does not attract hackers, but the competition and their lawyers do. The implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation on a website is extensive and complex. We take care of data protection on your website.

Although we cannot provide legal advice or guarantee legal certainty, we can certainly solve the common dangers and stumbling blocks around the website. With our data protection services, your website is well equipped against warnings.

Our services in detail

update service

WordPress, themes and plugins need regular updates. Our WordPress maintenance ensures that your website works and hacker attacks are made more difficult. There are now several updates for WordPress or plugins almost every day, so WordPress maintenance is worthwhile. In the case of smaller version jumps, the updates are carried out automatically on a daily basis. Larger updates are carried out at least once a month using central remote maintenance.

Very rarely updates can cause so-called "bugs", i.e. small errors on the site. If we or you find such small, mostly optical errors, we can usually fix them within the framework of the maintenance contract. Major errors rarely occur on a well and regularly maintained site, which is why you usually don't have to worry about any additional costs with a WordPress maintenance contract.


Regardless of your host, we secure the website with regular backups so that the website can be restored if necessary. Before major or complicated updates, we also perform a manual backup. In the event of a failure, the site can be quickly brought back up and running.


Thousands of websites are infected with malware every day, which in turn distributes viruses and Trojans to website visitors. The best protection against infections is a strong firewall, regular updates, secure passwords, fewer plugins and secure file and write permissions on the server. That is why we regularly scan for viruses and malware as part of the WordPress maintenance contract.

Extensive security package

With a comprehensive security package, we prevent the vast majority of attacks and, in the event of a hack, clean the website of viruses and malware. Our small maintenance contract includes half an hour of cleanup, while the larger maintenance contracts include a full hour. With this we clean most malware infections. If the system is infected on a larger scale, we will make you an offer or look for cost-effective alternatives (e.g. importing backups).


Websites are only really online to 100% with great effort. Even a 99 percent availability of the server implies a failure of more than 3 days per year. Errors on the website or a hack can also lead to a failure. Within the maintenance contract, we use an UpTime tracking tool to automatically check every 5 minutes whether your website is offline or online. We then get a notification and check whether the failure is permanent and act immediately.


Fast-loading websites are essential for a positive website experience and important for the search engine optimization. Our maintenance therefore includes professional caching, optimization of the server settings, minimization of various scripts and other speed-enhancing settings.

Image Optimization

Uncompressed images often make a website unnecessarily large and therefore slow. With automatic image optimization, we significantly increase the loading speed of your website.

We can thus reduce the size of the images by an average of 75%, optimizing all versions of each image and there is no visible deterioration in the quality of the images.


We check your website for necessary additions or adjustments to implement the General Data Protection Regulation:

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With the GDPR or at the latest with the ePrivacy Regulation, cookies may no longer be set without the consent of the visitor. The previous opt-out procedure is no longer permitted. We use a professional plugin solution for WordPress sites that actually turns off the tracking of information.


WordPress maintenance contract

With our WordPress maintenance contracts, we take care of yours extensively WordPress installation. Depending on the requirements, complexity and quantity of the installations, we offer maintenance contracts in different sizes and variants. Tell us your requirements and we will work out a tailor-made maintenance concept for your live system.
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