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Who would want to evaluate the effects of marketing measures based on gut feelings alone? Meaningful figures and evidence are needed. However, it is not easy to evaluate the data from Google Analytics. We know what is important and can therefore understand customer behavior quite well.

How we use this information to provide our marketing campaigns to evaluate Web pages to optimize and thus increase sales. We also support you in understanding your potential customers better with the help of a well-founded evaluation and in developing sustainable strategies from this.

Digital Analytics

While we can't look directly into the minds of your customers, metrics from Google Analytics and other sources can at least give you a clue as to how users feel about your business, brand, and products.

With our evaluation approach, we get the data that allows us to draw conclusions about the impact and potential of websites and their usability. It provides the basis for all online marketing activities, such as that search engine optimization, Google Ads or social media.


web analytics with Metrics and KPIs

Online marketing agencies have never had so many evaluation options. There is an overwhelming number of values, dimensions and metrics that we are presented with on the plate, for example from Google Analytics.

The task is to find meaningful metrics for web analytics. These should state briefly and succinctly whether the website is on the right track or whether we have to make a 180 degree turn. We use a maximum of 2 to 3 key performance indices (KPIs) per topic, which answer the most important questions at a glance.

visualization in Reports / dashboards

Even people with a penchant for numbers find it easier to collect and evaluate columns of data with the help of visualizations. Using the data for the comprehensive control of a company is only possible with a meaningful visualization.

Evaluation of reaching quota

individual services


The starting point for the tracking concept and the web analysis is the question: What do you want to achieve in the online area? The set goals are the basis for the tracking concept. As a web analytics agency, we translate these into metrics, dimensions and evaluated interactions and then take care of the technical implementation.

Key performance indices

KPIs are the central starting point for evaluating and controlling online marketing activities. Not only movements and clicks are measured, but also evaluated according to importance. We generate qualitative statements from quantitative data, which we incorporate into the evaluation. Of course, we observe the current GDPR guidelines and case law during implementation.


Customer Journey: Every user is at a very specific point within an information or purchasing process. To do this, you first have to know how the user behaves or where you lose him. With various metrics we can recognize, understand and improve the positive actions and neuralgic points.

The customer journey maps how prospects move to the point where they buy your products. Even more: The customer journey shows how prospects become customers, brand ambassadors and fans of your company. The right data and metrics therefore reduce long-term marketing expenses, maximize profits and thus contribute to a successful business.

Sales volume

For online stores digital sales are the top priority. Effort and turnover or potential of future turnover must be in relation to the use in the digital area. With a sales evaluation as part of a web analysis, we can evaluate and assess the proportionality of the individual actions, measures, but also the big picture.

The value of a customer

The customer lifetime value determines the value of a customer over the entire course of their customer relationship with all transactions and interactions. This can be calculated directly by an eCommerce evaluation. If you analyze the sales process across all online and offline phases, you can determine this as a whole. It is not at all difficult to look at the average customer in the individual services, how long he stays and what monthly or annual turnover he generates during this time.

quality of visitors

A website can only be effective if the right users are on it. One website no matter how beautifully designed, it will not work without users. But the quality of the users is also crucial. If sessions only last a few seconds despite good content or if the bounce rate in Google Analytics is very high despite further links, the wrong users are probably being addressed and optimization is necessary. Here the metrics give a clear indication to change something in the marketing measures or the site and to align it better... or to fix the Google Analytics tracking.

Loading time of the website

Even if this is not immediately obvious at first glance, one belongs fast page load time one of the most important metrics. It's one of the factors that catches the eye when they don't work. Both Google and the customer punish long loading times with lower rankings. Most users are patient for up to 3 seconds loading time, but after that the bounce rates on Google Analytics skyrocket. Uncompressed images that are too large and poor code quality are major factors in slow loading times.


concept & process

The tracking concept in digital analytics includes planning, setting and configuration as well as quality control. We plan together which questions we want to answer with the help of the tracking and develop the concept from this.

Implementation: We then integrate the tracking codes with all the required tags and triggers. This is done in compliance with the GDPR using the Google Tag Manager on single sites or across multiple websites. The quality control takes place in a joint workshop in which we jointly check and evaluate the first data obtained.

All required tags, variables and triggers are entered and documented by us in the Google Tag Manager. Finally, the data is checked together in Google Analytics and initially evaluated together.


A meaningful evaluation of data is only possible when different data sources are comprehensively combined and placed in simple relationships. The aim of our reports is to present connections as simply and meaningfully as possible. With the help of Google Data Studio, we create simple reports that make it easy to identify trends.


Dashboards are of particular interest to us as a digital analytics agency in Munich. The dashboards will also be appreciated by the people in your company who work directly on individual projects every day, need detailed information and want a quick overview of current performance.

Ad hoc analysis

Ad-hoc analyzes are valuable for acute problems or questions, as they provide quick answers to specific questions. If, for example, website visits have collapsed, you can quickly find and fix the cause.


Online marketing and its market participants are constantly on the move. Even small things can have a big impact on performance. With the help of sensible alerts, we minimize the risk of failures and can react quickly to fluctuations.

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