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A design is particularly effective when a topic connects to something that is important to us and that moves or worries us personally. Consciously creating this effect is not a matter of luck, but rather predetermined by human and cultural behavioral patterns. When used correctly, shapes, colors and stylistic devices can have a targeted effect on the viewer. Translated to your business, this means that a prospect or customer feels that you are the right choice.

Aesthetics is a crucial success factor in generating interest and increasing user motivation. Our goals are therefore beautiful, high-quality elements for websites, banners, social media or the offline world, in which the content can be integrated harmoniously.

Creation of responsive websites
Working design
Clear user focus
Can be implemented quickly
All from a single source

Good design is applied psychology

The user, the unknown being. Who is actually sitting on the other side of the screen? Target groups are complex and abstract statistics say little about how the individual experience of a brand or website should really be designed. For us, empathy is the starting point. As designers, we listen first and foremost. We want to understand connections, problems and situations. We record your and your customers' wishes and develop an effective, visual concept and design from them.

With our design we want to win the "Zero Moment of Thruth".

Clear line & modern look

Our visual design gives UI elements (User Interface) a clean line and a modern look. The basis is the logo, existing colors and fonts that are used in print products, for example. If an established style guide is available, it will be integrated and further developed in the web area in line with the brand.

For new projects or a radical further development, we develop the logo, colors, fonts, icons, image styles and graphics from scratch. With so-called brand filters, we determine how the new style can be communicated on the Internet and the individual channels in a brand-building manner.


A brandÔÇÖs choice of colors is not only crucial for branding, but also for further advertising campaigns and marketing optimization. A uniform color concept is an irreplaceable part of the brand identity. In this way, prospects and customers directly associate your brand with a color. We update your existing color samples and your color palette and add suitable colors to them. Or we can find completely new, modern color combinations for your company that go well with your values and statements.


Fonts have played an important role in the world of communication for centuries. A picture says more than a thousand words, but only the text gives us concrete instructions and descriptions. Whether in everyday life, in the office or in advertisements, the fonts used are our everyday companions. Most of the time we don't consciously perceive them and yet they affect us.

With modern font styles, you stand out from your competitors in a stylish manner and show a strong identity. With our concept, the typeface of your website gets a clear and profound typography that is easy to read across devices and conveys your message in a stylish manner.


Icons facilitate navigation and contribute significantly to the structure of a website. Simple icons are, for example, the telephone or mail icon, but there can also be combinations to define and transport content and topics. We will develop an individual icon set for you from thematically appropriate icons, which we can even animate on the website.

Icons hand drawn


Sketches and illustrations ensure a good balance between text and images and help to transport complex content easily. Our hand-drawn sketches and animated infographics are often the standout elements of a website that clearly differentiate you from the competition.


We're not professional photographers, but we know a lot about it. We see with our eyes, not with the camera. And that is what makes our photographic knowledge in the context of your brand.

We bring your existing photos into line with a brand filter. You need new photos? We would be happy to network you with suitable photographers and be present at the photo shoot in order to exploit the full potential. If the situation requires it, we take our own camera with us or, if necessary, take pictures with the iPhone. For us it is important to find simple solutions for corporate photography.

style guide

Pattern library & living style guide

An application-specific style guide is a central instrument of brand management. It is a great challenge to create the style guide in such a way that it conveys in a simple and practical way how the brand is presented in the individual applications.

The focus of a pattern library is the documentation of reusable patterns for websites and online marketing channels. We create both style guides and pattern libraries for your company and develop them further in the daily workflow.

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