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...the moon face is ready. Content creation has many facets. In the digital world, attention spans are short. Users jump back and forth between different devices and channels. In order to attract attention, creative content is essential ‚Äď be it on Web pages, landing pages, webshops, blogs, posts or in advertisements.

Depending on the requirements, we write authentic brand texts, crisp product descriptions, informative stories or effective advertising texts. It is our job to understand your products and services and to present them to your target group in an easily understandable way.

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Size bandwidth

It has to be crisp.

Our bandwidth as a content agency from Munich is large. In addition to the texts for the search engine optimization the focus of our work is on advertising texts in a wide variety of variations. We write short and concise texts for Google Ads or target group-specific advertising texts for posts Facebook or Instagram.

Several types of text are often combined for a topic block: for example text ads, which link to the service page and meta descriptions for display in Google search. We check each text internally and then together with you to ensure that it is correct. If necessary, we also use professional proofreading to ensure that everything is 100% correct.


holistic approach

As an agency, our content marketing strategy is not limited to just creating texts. The marketing content must be presented to the audience and pick them up where they are in the user journey. This works best with a combination of text, infographics, icons, images, and other elements that make the content easy to understand.

We pay attention to the meaningful and visible integration of call-to-actions. Because every page has a purpose and should trigger one or more actions. We make it easy for your users to know what to do next.

Good lyrics = Relevant SEO

Search engine optimization means above all: Writing relevant texts on the topic. By far the greatest effort SEO Optimization is the creation of thematically appropriate content that the reader finds interesting and that the search engine classifies as relevant. In order to make texts fit for SEO, we research keywords and semantically appropriate phrases and check, expand or create completely new texts.

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What advertising texts do we create?


Texts for all elements of a website

From the start page to services, products and blog posts - we write everything. Often in combination with search engine optimization, which usually makes things even more complex. With website texts, it is important to combine your taste, the tone of your customers, the targeted approach with the specific services and added value of your company.

We try to make the texts easy to understand and ‚Äúscannable‚ÄĚ. This often means making radical cuts, adding missing information and finding the ideal presentation of the content. It is relatively normal for us to be partially involved in product or service development. Real features that not only convince your customers, but that they have been waiting for, sometimes lurk under the hood and finally want to be let out.¬†

Clarity and a fresh perspective are beneficial. Of course we know some industries, but especially if we don't know them, it's usually a big advantage. You are the expert, and the customers are usually no smarter than us. Together we can then provide your customers with the information that really interests them and ultimately converts. 


At least 90% better and more relevant texts than your TOP30 SEO competition.

To make it clear right away, SEO texts are mostly terrible. Ours used to be too. It's irrelevant ramblings with so many keywords that the meaning - if there ever was one - can't even be grasped. They are written as small as possible at the end of a page and are often created using text software, especially on large pages. ... Wow, pretty negative for an advertising page FOR SEO texts. 

Because there is a better way. And keyword stuffing with irrelevant texts doesn't really work anymore either. How do we do it? It all starts with us being really interested in your company, your service, your product or your idea. We are simply curious as to why you are convinced of your performance and how you present yourself on the market. Of course we are aware that there is not a great vision or incredibly innovative processes behind every activity. But that doesn't matter. Then we can make the respective service page better, more informative and more functional than your old subpage or that of the competition. 

How do we do it? Of course, as always, it depends on the starting point, your industry and approach. Here's an example: Questions! There are a lot of questions about every product and every service. Otherwise the service wouldn't exist, otherwise you wouldn't need it. Here alone we can tease many solutions, answers, case studies, details, how-tos, problems, etc. And that's just one topic. There are many other ideas and approaches that we can use to write good content that search engines and your users can benefit from.

And this is how we create beautiful content that is also 90% better than that of your TOP 30 SEO competitors. You can find out exactly how this works here.


Google Ads

Google Ads - Responsive Text Ads

When creating responsive text ads, you sometimes feel like you are in the editorial office of the Bild newspaper. At least when it comes to presenting headlines as briefly as possible. "We are Pope". That's 14 characters, and that's almost the maximum of 21 characters per headline in a responsive text ad. Google wants 10 of these. Summarize your complex achievement in 21 characters. 

We face these challenges day after day and write Google Ads texts for your company. But everything around it must also be complete and correctly worded: ad extensions, snippets, company information, call-to-actions, etc. 

You can find out how we optimize Google Ads here. 

meta ads

Crisp texts for Facebook & Instagram

We always pray it down and now we do it again: It depends on the creative in Facebook and Instagram ads! What is a creative or artwork? In the networks, this is the image that usually contains text, a call-to-action and, of course, the product image or a descriptive graphic. That's what works at first. 

But then comes the text. This is usually hidden and you have to open it. Lyrically, that is the first challenge. There should be something there that makes you want to "open". The rest should in turn be quickly grasped and reflect the core of the products.

Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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