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“To be successful over the long term, the customer experience must be seen as the sum of the factors through which customers engage with your company and brand. It's not just the snapshot that counts, but the entire process of being a customer.” That's how Adam Richardson sums it up.

Today, brand management goes far beyond static brand specifications. Modern branding creates lively brand experiences and brand interactions at every point of contact between the customer and the company. We have therefore firmly integrated the goal of brand interaction into our entire design process. With this integrated brand interaction design process, we ensure that what is defined as a goal in the beginning is also achieved in the end.

For companies, decades-old certainties can literally dissolve overnight. New players challenge the classic brands with disruptive ideas and contemporary brand management.

The basis for sustainable and authentic brand development

The world is getting more complex

Who is actually sitting on the other side of the screen? Target groups are complex and abstract statistics say little about how the individual experience of a brand or website should really be designed. For us, empathy is the starting point. As designers, we listen first and foremost. We want to understand connections, problems and situations. We record your and your customers' wishes and develop an effective, visual concept and design from them.

The user, the unknown being.

brand behavior

The brand behavior, which describes the behavior and thus the character of the brand.
Goal: experience

brand offer

The brand offer, which defines the central performance feature of the brand - and thus the actual benefit for people.
Goal: Relevance

brand meaning

The unique, tangible, relevant and credible core of a brand, which can be felt in brand behavior, visible in the brand image, can be told in the brand story and can be used in the brand offer.
Goal: authenticity

brand image

The brand image, which describes the brand in its symbolic character, its iconography.
Goal: Uniqueness

brand history

The brand story that tells the origin, myths and legends of the brands.
Goal: credibility


Win the moment of truth

“Moments of truth” occur at the points of contact between the customer and a brand. Such a point of contact can be, for example, the customer's first visit to your company website be. At such a moment it is decided whether the brand leaves a positive, negative or no impression at all. These situations and experiences of the user can be summarized on a website plan very well. Our goal as design agency is to win as many 'Moments of Truths' as possible with beautiful and effective design.

With our design we want to win the "Zero Moment of Thruth".

Classic branding

What about logo, typography or colors?

Classic branding is the harmonious interplay of visual factors such as logo, claims, typography, Colors, as well as UX and UI elements. Together they form the basis for the brand identity. However, with our concept of “living brand interactions” we expand these static elements with a brand interaction process. It leads to lively brand communication with your prospects and customers.

Golden Circle


We start the development of a brand, a product or a service by asking why it exists or what drives entrepreneurs. We develop the core statements that sum up the individual product or service as well as the entire company. When the core statements are short and concise, we combine the respective product features.

Simon Sinek with the golden circle of corporate communications.


"Branded Interactions" basis

Who invented it? We are not. The concept of "lively brand experiences" comes from "Branded Interactions", the standard work of modern brand management by Marco Spies & Katja Wenger.

We're pretty progressive with this information. Because a functioning process must be deeply anchored in the company and cannot be set up by some outside agency. We often have the book with us when it comes to branding issues and recommend this 352-page read to anyone who wants to engage in real communication with their customers and prospects in their company.

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