Dynamic website with WordPress & Elementor

Dynamic does not mean directly in web design chic or state of the art. Rather, it refers to a website that offers the visitor a personalized experience or retrieves content from a database.

A static webpage, on the other hand, is one where most of the content is created individually and doesn't pull from another list or database (the Heinrich Marketing website is static).

We dynamically program content that is structurally similar and occurs in several places on a website as independent elements (ACF PRO) or templates into the website. These can be services, products, product groups, features, news, call-to-actions, references or case studies.

The cost-benefit ratio usually pays off with more than 20-30 elements that need to be shaped. This can be, for example, employees, partners, sales partners, branches, locations, areas, apartments, branches, courses and much more.

As a WordPress agency from Munich, we advise you in detail on a meaningful structuring of the content.

Further services

We install a modern SEO tool on your WordPress instance and set up all the important details for being found on Google.
Assisting in setting up, designing and going live a Shopify store on behalf of the client.
Performance hosting of your WordPress website with extremely fast loading time, update and security services.
Development and creation of a lead form, which allows the user to make a qualified request step by step with a graphic interface and steps.
Several websites on a common WordPress basis - purposefully creating a corporate cosmos.
With the WooCommerce shop plugin, WordPress is ideal for developing a web shop flexibly and easily, starting with e-commerce and selling products online. From the presentation of the products, through the sales process to e-mail communication - we set up a complete web shop with WooCommerce for you.
Here we go

Sign up if you are interested in our services. I look forward to your challenges and am happy to take the time for a detailed discussion. 

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