"I'm sorry Pocahontas!"

Pheline Huber Junior Online Marketing Manager

Pheline Huber

Katharina about Pheline

You can steal horses with Pheli. She would reliably hold the gate open and get rid of it (assuming that the action wasn't her idea). Should we be caught, she will immediately think of a creative story as to why it was inevitable to take the horses with us. And everyone here knows that Pheli can tell creative stories. Non-stop she conjures up perfect SEO texts or funny social media campaigns from her sleeve.
Pheline Huber Junior Online Marketing Manager
Pheli is a 1000 percent team player. No matter where it burns, she is there and does every tedious task in no time and without blinking an eyelid. Pheli gets really enthusiastic when it comes to ideas for team events. We can therefore look forward to Disney film evenings or hiking activities with her on a regular basis. I really appreciate Pheli for always listening to me. Whether I need an opinion on my work or a private decision, I get a super honest answer and a big hug from her. Pheli is our sunshine, who arrives at the office in a good mood early in the morning and sweetens the day for all of us. Thank you Pheli for having you as a co-player!

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