"The world belongs to those who set out to conquer it, armed with security and good humor."

Already said Charles Dickens.

Nicodem Skrobisz

I am the typewriter in our agency. And working student. No matter what: website text, tweet, advertising mail, autobiography, meme, package insert. I write it for you and at the same time optimize every text for both the human reader and the algorithms of the search engines.

Have you read today?

Not only because I do it reliably, well, quickly and with pleasure. I am a writer by both profession and vocation. Writing in all its forms and facets is therefore my passion and my proven area of expertise.

In a previous life I was involved in political marketing and journalism. Studied psychology and anything about media. Texted for members of the Bundestag and was editor-in-chief of a student magazine published in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Meanwhile, I am studying philosophy and literature, and have not yet given up on deciphering Heidegger. What I like about marketing is that it enables us to create real added value for our customers through creativity and good storytelling.

In my free time, I mainly write essays for my blog, love letters to my girlfriend, and science fiction short stories under the pseudonym Leveret Pale, with which I regularly clear away at literary competitions. Every one to two years a novel of mine appears, usually something metamodern avant-garde.

When I'm not exploring the load limits of keyboards and coffee machines, I read a lot, experiment with vegan recipes, spend hours discussing fringe topics of political philosophy, play tennis, and teach Creative writing and go on long bike tours through the Bavarian countryside.



Nikooooder or Niko or the typewriter


ūüďö I read, post and rate on Lovelybooks

ūüďö that I have written can be found both at the bookseller around the corner and in the Lex Luthor mail order company

Fun fact

No driving license, but a sailing license and therefore well prepared for the melting of the polar ice caps - and for offshore customers