"Believing oneself to be perfect is often the sign of a delusional mind."

Lt. Commander Data

Marketa Schnurrer

I am a marketing manager, a specialist in marketing & digital marketing and above all responsible for our customer service and spreading a good mood.  My passion is interpersonal communication and the art of understanding people and reaching them in the best possible way. To empathize with customers, to work out goals together, to visualize the customer journey and to convey real added value for our end customers. These are the topics why I celebrate the "new" marketing approaches so much.

I always try to give my customers the feeling that they are in the best of hands with me - because they are. Solving challenges in a structured way, choosing not the easiest but the best way for my customers is my work credo. The more different the projects are, the more I enjoy my work.

I like to cheer up my surroundings so that everyone in the agency is motivated. Either by not taking myself very seriously or by a slightly sarcastic comment escaping my lips. And when it gets really stressful, I still have good sounds, because: "That's the way it is, the work has to be done and you're almost finished anyway."





Hard rock, metal, ska, punk, classic

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🖖 Scotty. Pragmatic, uncomplicated & inventive.
🖖 Janeway. Courageous, humane & always careful.
🖖 Jadzia Dax. Clever, with a lot of humor and elegance.
🖖 Data. Just because. It's just DATA!


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