"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world".

Quote from Wittgenstein & motto from Doris

Doris Ruf

about Doris

Doris (or Dorsi, as we have always called her) is the agency's good soul and the veteran. Her elf-like charisma should not be underestimated: Just as she always finds the right words when writing, she finds them in every discourse. She manages to turn even the wildest discussion into a meaningful conversation. She can also organize the boss's sometimes wild visions with gentle words and make them understandable for everyone else.

Even on maternity leave, she is ready to help us with advice and, if necessary, with action. Being a mum looks fantastic on her and all of her mum is always ready to listen to each of us here in the agency and, if in doubt, a few reassuring words. Oh, and of course she's actually a sloth. Not because she is lazy, but because she would actually like to sleep 18 hours a day. Without Doris we would only be an agency, with her we are a real family. Thanks for that, Dorsi!

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Carl Fredricksen (above)

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