"There is always a way, you just have to find it."

Always my motto.

Clara-Maria Leitner

I am a Junior Digital Marketing Manager, born in 1996 and have been passionate about online marketing, consumer marketing and brand management since my business studies. Being different, thinking differently, being a little crazy and having fun: these are my ingredients for successful creativity in our projects.

With a smile on my face, I always keep a cool head and a good mood, even in hectic situations. 

Nowadays there are so many ways to convince people of a product or an idea and at the same time to overcome so many challenges and complexities. Creativity, adaptability, close communication and constant learning are therefore the cornerstones of successful marketing. That is also the exciting thing about online marketing for me. The tasks are varied. You learn new things every day and you have to keep developing in order to keep up with the times.

Our daily business is therefore a business out of passion and you can tell that too. Together with our customers and in the team, we are constantly developing new, individual and sustainable communication strategies in order to land the perfect online presence and to inspire the end customers. This combination of strategic action and creative thinking particularly appeals to me. Inspiring and, above all, reaching customers through storytelling and optimization gives me new joy in my job every day.

What is important to me

Always getting the best out of myself, constantly broadening my horizons, improving my skills and working on the cutting edge. Joy in what I do every day, appreciation of even the smallest things in life and above all the family that motivates me, inspires me and is there for me.

The team, the solidarity and the cooperation at Heinrich Marketing make the agency so unique for me. Teamwork makes the dream work.

For me, respectful, transparent and honest communication and advice with our customers are the key to finding the common path and achieving the desired goals.



Clara or Crazy Clara

character me
to inspire

🤍 My father, the maker and all-rounder,
     who always supports me 

🤍 My mother,
     who gives me energy and love every day


1.79 m


Electro swing, old school hip hop, 80s & 90s


Broadly based, especially in the beautiful things in life. From art to fashion, web design and social media, to a wide variety of documentations about space, animal life and the oceans