“Where would we go if everyone said, 'Where would we go?' and nobody would go to see where you would go if you went? "

Benedikt Brunner

Once upon a time there was a young media designer in training who dared to take the initiative to apply for an internship at Heinrich Marketing. This courage was not only rewarded with an internship. A few months later, the team had taken him so deeply that they refused to let him go. He, on the other hand, has come to appreciate the open, cordial and trust-based team atmosphere and the opportunity to develop himself and his skills.

Today I am a project manager at Heinrich Marketing. As such, I make sure that everything works in the background and is designed to be appealing to the outside world, regardless of whether it is a web shop, social media or customized website. My great passion lies primarily in the design and conception of websites that meet my high standards and do not make any compromises. 

When I'm not working on developing marketing solutions for our customers with innovative and targeted designs and ideas, I prefer to spend time with friends. Whether on or offline, outside or inside, I am a sociable person.

Fun facts


Bene or Bene Maja

Favorite Disney character

Jim Hawkins (The Treasure Planet)

Shoe size


Dream job as a child