Andreas Heinrich

I was born in 80, owner of a marketing agency, expert in online marketing and design, Diplom Kaufmann with a focus on marketing and innovation and technology management and would never have thought that I would work in these areas every day to this day.

My online marketing agency has been around since 2010 and the intensity and speed of the business has not changed to this day. But I've evolved. The agency is now exactly how I wanted it to be. Well-founded services, personal contact with my customers, but above all I still have a passion for online marketing.

It is actually this passion that drives me every day: Marketing has to be beautiful. Marketing has to work. Marketing has to make sales. The process and the result must not be complicated. we need more why!

Things are relaxed with my small team. We all talk at eye level, think and feel along, and support each other in all matters.

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Incidentally, Prince William is two years younger than me and wears his hair like me ‚Äď such a copycat. However, without a beard.

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I am passionate about photography and like to edit (as you can easily see)

I always start with why!

Why online marketing, UX, UI, strategy & branding fascinates me so much.

I am addicted. Yes, Andreas Heinrich is addictive. I'm constantly evaluating and judging websites, logos, strategies, posters, appearances, etc... I can't stop. It's one of the themes that accompany me in my life. I constantly ask myself what the success factors of a person, a company or an idea are and I dissect everything down to the last detail. 

Luckily, I can live out the insights in my agency on a daily basis and translate them into beautiful and effective designs and strategies. 

Creativity was probably born to me because I always wanted to know how things work and try them out for myself.

House by the lake.

If I consider my life as a private person Andreas Heinrich I could do it with the Peter Fox song at the moment House by the lake sing about ... I have 20 children, my wife is beautiful... everyone comes by, I never have to go out… 

I really have a lot of children, four of them: Ben, Ella, Finn and Theo and I really love being a dad. My hobbies are all kinds of sports and I really enjoy cooking. My Bolognese, Pizza or Kaiserschmarrn are very popular. I find pure happiness on a hike with my family in or near the mountains in the Bavarian Oberland.

Of course, I thank my wife for her constant and sleepy support and I would never have gotten this far without my parents. But lately I've become grateful and humbled for something else: everyone around me is doing well, we can live peacefully here and have a lot of opportunities to shape our lives. None of this can be taken for granted.

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I'm crazy about panoramic maps and can get lost in them for hours. Maybe this will result in a new project.