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Heinrich Marketing

Online Marketing & Webdesign Agency in Munich - Germany

We are all digital! We spend more time in online media than offline media. Almost every business is online, but just having a website is no longer enough in many cases.

The digital transformation is in full swing and meanwhile almost no industry is left untouched. The digital touchpoints with your customers and prospects are numerous and varied. And they are not just on the central website but also on landing pages, apps, in Social media channels or directly in Teams or Zoom Meetings.

As an online marketing agency in Munich, our daily challenge is to focus on your customers and to find solutions for every point of contact. The goal are qualified leads, direct sales and positive interactions with your brand.

Challenge as
Online Marketing Agency

The rules of classic marketing have long been broken. In the meantime, more than half of Internet users surf with their smartphone, which means that Google is increasingly aligning its search indexes with mobile optimization. Google is thus implementing the principle of mobile first in many areas.
Our daily bread as an online marketing agency in Munich is to create positive micro-moments for your prospects, customers and employees on the Internet with functioning workflows. The overall aim is to inspire with a unique brand experience.

The strategically designed overall appearance is our focus. With responsive websites or landing pages, a sophisticated one Lead generation or direct sales in online shop we deliver the answers to the needs of your future customers. With targeted online marketing measures like Search engine optimization, Google Ads or Social media campaigns we generate attention from your prospects. We attach great importance to advice, transparency and comprehensible processes.

Our services

Modern brand management

For us brands are living, constantly developing beings. In addition to classic Trademark signatures, how logo, Colours, typography or imagery, the interaction within the customer journey plays a decisive role for us. Every prospect or customer has several points of contact with a company. The sum of these interactions is ultimately the overall picture that we make of a company.

With a modern brand management as well as a lively and needs-oriented brand strategy, we shape these points in a sustainable way. 

Effective web design

Smartphones and tablets have made the Internet mobile; more than half of users surf on the go. For us, this mobilization not only relates to responsive web design, but also focuses on user-centeredness and effectiveness. Each individual subpage becomes an orchestra of value proposition, brand image, landing page and SEO. The focus is on the needs of the user and where they are currently in their customer journey.

We implement this with a clear design, unique content and flexible programming. We create classic responsive websites, scalable landing pages for lead generation and simple web shops. We also ensure a stable and secure service.

Google Ads

Online advertising on the Internet works when it is relevant - and momentum is the key success driver. We have 1.7 seconds on Google to reach users who are genuinely interested and who don't just click on the first ad, lost in thought.

As certified Google partner agency from Munich, we not only take over the planning of your advertising campaign and the campaign plan, but also the regular control and optimization of your Google Ads account.

Social Media Ads

If a product has a longer buying process or is bought spontaneously inspired by advertising, advertising on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn is often the way to success.

With our social media ads, we provide you with a clear concept for the ads.

Sustainable SEO

Those who are found in the front area on Google for their topic have a clear advantage. If you look at search engine optimization holistically, it mainly consists of measures for the user of the website. For example, a clear structure and a user-friendly design are strong ranking factors in the field of SEO.

For us, professional search engine optimization is therefore a fundamental process within all online marketing measures. The goal is visible rankings for relevant search queries.

Social media

Facebook, Instagram & Co. have become an integral part of everyday life. And especially for modern companies, social media offer the perfect platform to get in touch with customers. With a strategic social media strategy, you can not only increase your brand awareness, but also improve your customer relationships.

We work with you to develop a strategic content plan and help you build your fan page. With targeted posts, we underline and strengthen your brand externally. 

Data analytics

The aim of our data analysis is to use valid data to show the effects of marketing measures as simply as possible. With a few key performance indices, customer behavior can be understood quite well in relation to the specified goals.

We use this data to evaluate our online marketing concepts, to build up common know-how in digital marketing and to optimize websites for KPIs. As an online marketing agency from Munich, we support you to better understand your potential customers with the help of a well-founded evaluation and to analyze previous successes and developments and to develop new strategies.

The team
The team






Full service agency in Munich

Heinrich Marketing stands for passion, know-how, sustainability and attitude. The pride in what we have achieved so far is quickly replaced by the desire to do things better. We have been taking responsibility in online marketing since 2010. And learn every day, gather a lot of know-how and never tire of delivering the best possible result.

The digital age is changing the world at breakneck speed, and online marketing in particular is developing at breathtaking speed. Everything is beta and can be replaced by something better tomorrow. That is why we are constantly questioning our work in the field of online marketing. We consider flexible workflows that literally 'flow' as the best possible cooperation between us as a marketing agency and your company.

We see ourselves as equal partners who want to take responsibility. And the whole thing with the warmth and the down-to-earth attitude that you may not know from Munich.


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